these faces in the crowd...

Oct. 07, 1957
Oct. 07, 1957

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Oct. 7, 1957

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these faces in the crowd...

Mrs. Harrison Flippin, able golfing veteran from Ardmore, Pa. and nonplaying captain of U.S. Curtis Cup team, put together pair of 82s for 164 to capture her third straight U.S. women's senior championship at Westchester Country Club, Rye, N.Y.

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Isaac Berger, 22, who left his native Jerusalem for America in 1949 and won Olympic weight-lifting title at Melbourne, returned to homeland where he flexed his muscles before 50,000 at Ramat Gan, pressing 258 pounds for new world featherweight record.

John S. Alessio, energetic executive director of Caliente track at Tijuana who financed research and development of safety helmet for jockeys, received his reward from Jockeys' Guild when grateful riders honored him as their "Man of the Year" in New York.

Dr. Allen B. Dumont, television scientist equally at home in laboratory and on water, practiced his hobby so well in his Hurricane III that he led all Eastern navigators in predicted-log cruises, with 2,424 points, may also win national cruising championship.

Alexandra Zabelina, pretty 21-year-old Russian girl who is studying to be veterinary surgeon in Moscow, took up fencing only three years ago, but last week gracefully and deftly thrust and parried her way to world foil championship at Paris.