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Oct. 07, 1957
Oct. 07, 1957

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Oct. 7, 1957

Baseball X-Ray
Run For The Money
Wonderful World Of Sport
Events & Discoveries
Dedicated Willie
Football: Second Week
Family Affair
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

focus on the deed...

Headed for record, Miss Thriftway roars over Ohio River on way to world mark of 112.312 mph for 15-mile heat in the Governor's Cup. Next day, boat flipped in rough water and sent Driver Bill Muncey to hospital with a bruised shoulder.

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Headed for victory, Hundred Proof (No. 2), with Robert Parkinson in sulky, dashes down the center of track to win the $50,000 Transamerica Race at Roosevelt Raceway, L.I. Ozark Chief (No. 6) finished second, followed by Widower Creed (No. 4).

Headed for Moore, Canadian Light Heavyweight Yvon Durelle (right) starts a left on way to the stomach of Willi Besmanoff in eighth round of fight at Detroit.

Loaded down with loot on his night, Washington's Roy Sievers, who led league in homers (42) and RBI (114), solemnly listens to Vice-President Nixon's praise.