SO season opens
SC season closes
C clear water
D water dirty, roily
N water normal height
SH slightly high
H high
VH very high
M water muddy
L low
R rising
WT50 water 50°
FG fishing good
FVG fishing very good
FF fishing fair
FP fishing poor
OG outlook good
OVG outlook very good
OF outlook fair
OP outlook poor

MUSKELLUNGE: ONTARIO: Cold nights have prodded soporific muskies into feverish activity, and FVG throughout province. Most ponderous of many catches last week was 48-pound 3-ounce behemoth taken from French River near Highway 69 by Bert Dickinson. Heavy fish also assaulting lures in Lake Nosbonsing, Balsam Lake, Rice Lake south of Peterborough and Naiscoot River near Pointe Au Baril, where A.E. Dyment of Brantford and Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Wilson of Copetown hooked a fish they could barely cope with. After they fought it for some time and were unable to boat it, an exasperated Dyment cut the painter from the skiff, formed a loop and slipped the noose around the stubborn muskie. Orthodoxly defeated or not, the fish weighed 30 pounds. Interesting addendum for visiting anglers: In Ontario and other north country regions muskellunge is often called and spelled "maskinonge," which is not Canuck, but misspelled Ojibway Indian word "maskinonje," meaning big pike.

PENNSYLVANIA: Muskies in fall temper at Conneaut Lake and Cussewago Creek where it enters French Creek at Meadville and where in the past week Joe L. Byham of Meadville has taken four muskies over 40 inches; OVG.

PACIFIC SALMON: WASHINGTON: Because of critical drought, crushing and unprecedented action by Director of Fisheries Department closed on September 30 all sport-fishing in fresh waters' tributary to Puget Sound, in Willapa Bay and in Grays Harbor Number Two extending from Westport seaward. Rivers are so dry that most spawning-ripe salmon will not start up them and are wasting in salt water. Those which try to run upstream flop miserably into dry riverbeds and die without spawning; OVP until rain, and none is in sight.

IDAHO: Fall run now marching up Snake River, and trucks at Brownlee Dam construction are portaging up to 250-pound spawners past damsite every day; OVG.

OREGON: FVG in Tillamook Bay where anglers using fly tackle are taking jack salmon to 8 pounds on egg cluster with bobber. Participant advises this is lazy sport until fish is on. OG in all waters, but note special jack salmon limit of 10 a day in effect from October 1 to November 15.

CALIFORNIA: FP in offshore waters recently because of high winds, but FG at mouth of Noyo River, and in tidewater at mouth of Eel River. Mouth of Mill Creek on the Sacramento also warrants attention. There last week John Pelnar, Superintendent of the Fish and Wildlife Service's Coleman Hatchery at Anderson, grassed the weightiest chinook of the season, a 47-pounder. Anderson's responsibilities at the hatchery include the raising of salmon.

TUNA: NOVA SCOTIA: FP and OP. Although Soldier's Rip at Wedgeport has been jammed with giant bluefins all summer, only 21 have been boated, including a 623-pound fish defeated last week by Charles Shawgo of Grove City Pa. Rod-and-reel tuna catch at Wedgeport once numbered in hundreds, and recent decline has had serious consequences for local guides who depend upon tuna sport-fishery to fill gap in lobster season. John Manning, famous angler, now working at Wedgeport with International Oceanographic Institution of Miami to find why, if possible, big bluefins reluctant to strike. Last week even a pint of tuna blood was shipped to University of Miami Marine Laboratory for analysis. All sport-fishermen and others concerned hope Wedgeport will again come into its world-renowned own by next summer.

NEWFOUNDLAND: 1957 experimental tuna fishing by Newfoundland Tourist and Development Board now finished, with strong indications that Conception and Trinity bays near St. John's may be first-flight horse mackerel ground. Four Wedgeport, Nova Scotia guides in two boats imported this summer to investigate Newfoundland potential, led to capture of 10 fish, all over 500 pounds. William K. Carpenter of Wilmington, Del., the nation's top tuna angler, brought own boat and crew, hooked many fish and hoisted aboard two at 550 and 601 pounds. Largest of season: an 871-pound bluefin taken by O.L. Vard of St. John's. More guides will be available next year, and OG.

BLACK BASS: PENNSYLVANIA: FVG in French Creek at Saegerstown which yielded two 24-inch smallmouth last week. OVG in Allegheny now that WT is dropping.

MARYLAND: FVG still in Susquehanna and Potomac rivers, with artificials taking limits of 2-pounders; OVG.

TENNESSEE: Rain and cool nights have made OG in Cherokee Lake, which starts 42 miles northeast of Knoxville. Most fishy area near Hamblen Dock is few miles from Morristown and most deadly lure now is a Bomber either cast or trolled. Top catch of week: 7-pound 3-ounce largemouth by Eddie Sutherland of Morristown; OVG.

LOUISIANA: Jasper Haddad of Monroe trekked to Black Bayou recently to work on his duck blind, succumbed to the angling urge, trekked home again with 4-pound and 2½-pound fish. Limits are reported by those without blinds on their mind. FVG in Ouachita River near Monroe and Columbia, and in Saline Lake at Winnfield. Spy reports H & H Pigboat, Junior Dragnetter, Bushwhacker and Baby Dudes the lures to have; OVG.

FLORIDA: Rains have relieved drought. FG now in Withlacoochee River near Lake Panasoffkee and in Kissimmee River lake chain, with OG and improving.

CALIFORNIA: Shasta Lake H and M, with results spotty. Clear Lake FG and OG in lower Colorado reservoirs, particularly Mohave and Javasu reservoirs.

STRIPED BASS: MASSACHUSETTS: Coot Hall, dean of Cuttyhunk guides and recognized striper sage, advises Cuttyhunk no longer quiet as fish from 30 pounds up assault eel skins along the beaches at night. OVG.