With the college season in full swing, an abnormally large card of upsets lent the kind of spice that makes every autumn weekend just a bit more tangy. There were, too, the lopsided early returns that the favorites are bound to register, but obviously football still held plenty of surprises. For more of the second week's action, turn the page

FOOT. This late fourth-quarter punt by Billy Atkins (39) of Auburn pulled his team out of a hole and cemented a 7-0 victory against a charging Tennessee team. It was a game that, more than any other of the week, indicated which of the several strong Southeastern Conference contenders is most likely to prevail. Tennessee had been favored, but the large Auburn line, outweighing the Volunteers by some 23 pounds per man, was just too overbearing in the heavy going of a rainy afternoon.

HAND. Dick Wallen, UCLA end, makes like Miss Liberty as he spears ball one-handed for the most sensational catch of week. Play like this helped UCLA upset Illinois 16-6.

LEGS. Holes like this in the middle of the Ohio State line caused what may have been the most surprising score of the week: TCU 18, Ohio State 14. Here, TCU's Marvin Lasater (23) is shown legging it on a 10-yard touchdown run in the first quarter. OSU's Quarterback Frank Kremblas (22) watches helplessly at right.

FLASHBACK: In 1945, camera caught 8-year-old Dick Donelli, Columbia's mascot, rooting for the Lions. His father, Aldo, was then backfield coach. Donelli struck a similar pose before quarterbacking Lions to a 23-20 upset over Brown. Pop is now head coach.

STARVATION. Stanford Halfback Chuck Shea (with ball) was one of the surprise ground weapons used by air-minded Indians in beating Northwestern 26-6. Hungry Wildcats and their slippery Bob McKeiver were heavily hampered by penalties.

ENTRECHAT. Most fascinating play of the week produced this ballet tableau. Tom O'Connor of Drexel caught New Haven Teachers' Pete Leahy two yards short of touchdown after a 38-yard chase. New Haven won 33-2 for 11th straight.

This linebacker's eye view of the Minnesota-Washington game shows Minnesota Quarterback Bobby Cox passing for short yardage in the third quarter. Cox tossed for one touchdown, engineered three other TD drives to beat the Huskies 46-7.


I just don't think I'll be able to come next week," said the distraught lady to Colorado Coach Dallas Ward. Colorado had just beaten Utah 30-24 in an exciting cliff hanger which was decided with the aid of a freak interception that backfired with just 41 seconds left in the game.

"Lady," replied an equally distraught Ward, "I don't think I'll be able to come next week either. I can't take any more like this."

The game was a thriller and definitely not for people with weak hearts.

Colorado's Buffaloes appeared to be on their way to an easy afternoon when they scored early in the first quarter on a long pass play. But first appearances are deceiving sometimes. Before the half ended, the Utes matched the first two Colorado touchdowns and trailed 14-16 only because of an untimely safety.

As the second half began, the drama mounted, and the 86° heat began to frazzle the crowd and the players. However, it was the big, heavily favored Colorado boys who first showed signs of fatigue.

Colorado scored in the third quarter, but Utah matched it in the fourth. With 11 minutes to play, 2 points still separated the teams, and trailing Utah was beginning to falter on the Colorado 20. Coach Curtice sent in End George Boss, who nonchalantly kicked a perfect field goal to put Utah in the lead for the first time 24-23. Then, still in their own territory, the Buffs got one of those breaks that leave coaches mumbling. A Buff pass sailed straight into the arms of a Utah defender. The interceptor started goalward, but the ball didn't, instead slithered through his arms and into the clutching paws of Colorado Back Boyd Dowler. Several plays later, and with the clock showing 41 seconds remaining, Left Half Bob Stransky plunged for a final Colorado touchdown to end the scoring in the seesaw battle of the week.


Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)