THE QUESTION: What is there about football that makes you like the game so much?

Oct. 07, 1957
Oct. 07, 1957

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Oct. 7, 1957

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THE QUESTION: What is there about football that makes you like the game so much?

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Washington, D.C.
I like the game because it gives boys an opportunity to develop a strong, competitive spirit; it demands that players be in top condition; it promotes poise and ability to think and react under pressure. It's a rough, tough sport that creates great enthusiasm both on and off the field.

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Chairman of the Board
Sheraton Corporation of America
I love the keen competition and all the sportsmanship. Also, football is a wonderfully nostalgic link with old Harvard and it re-evokes the youthful enthusiasms of undergraduate days. The Harvard-Yale game is among the oldest college classics. I haven't missed a game since 1913.

Television actress
Washington, D.C.
The Washington Redskins. I'm wild about them. College football is wonderful for color and tradition, but pro football is more exciting. I've followed the Redskins from the days of the incomparable Sammy Baugh. My husband and I have tickets on the 50-yard line. We never miss a game.

Sports editor
The Chicago Tribune
The strategy excites me. Football requires keen intelligence, as thrilling in victory as a decisive move in chess. Based on hard body contact, it demands courage. Also proficiency at it requires coordination of speed and power, without which there can be few individual stars.

Owner, beauty salon
Saginaw, Mich.
Football is the most refreshing sport. I love the excitement, the rushing, the cheers, the banners and flowers. I also like football because my husband, from Michigan State, and my son love it so much. When the football season comes along, it makes me think: Gee, it's good to be alive.

Movie star
Beverly Hills, Calif.
Although I don't understand football as well as I do baseball, I think it's a heck of a game. It gives me more thrills and excitement than baseball. Our boys are at their best. If they played the game of life the way they play football, there's nothing they couldn't accomplish.

Sports director
KING-TV and radio Seattle
Because it is one of the best personifications of life in America. Physical contact calls for sound condition I and mental alertness. The game demands concentration and a keen desire to excel. I particularly like the opportunity for college educations given deserving athletes.

Fashion model
New York City
When I came from Germany and saw my first game at SMU, the players looked like warriors from Mars and all the roughness shocked me. Only the cheerleaders, the cheers, the bands and the crowds made the spectacle interesting. Now I understand and like it. It reflects the spirit of America.

President, Cinema
Hairstylists Society
Los Angeles
The thing that makes me like football is my husband's excitement-when we are at a game. I look at his face and I see a miracle. He is 20 years younger. Football helps to keep him young. I never thought the day would come when I'd look forward to the football season.

College student
Seoul, Korea
The first football game I saw was in Korea, played by American soldiers. It was rough but I was not surprised. Your soldiers are rough fighters. The maneuvering men interested me most. It was like a real battle and I liked it. In America, football is the best game. I like the sportsmanship.