A sharp man with a gun or fishing rod, Ed Moore has pursued game in many corners of the globe. His most recent foray was in the wilds of Kodiak Island, Alaska, where he tracked down this nine-foot Kodiak bear to add to his trophies. A member of the family of grizzlies, largest carnivores on earth, this fellow weighed just under 1,100 pounds. Moore got him at dusk on his first day out near Karluk Lake with a Winchester Model 70, .375 H & H Magnum at 125 yards. He then spent the remainder of his two weeks fishing.

Formally (and rarely) known as R. Edwin Moore, he is president and director of Bell & Gossett Co., machine and chemical manufacturers in Morton Grove, Illinois. A big, jolly man of 60 (6 feet 3 inches, 245 pounds, who wrestled for sport in his younger days), he lives with his wife and daughter in Winnetka and operates a 500-acre farm in Walworth, Wisconsin, near Lake Geneva. Owner of a collection of almost 100 usable guns, Moore is more than a dilettante. He has recently perfected a new sight for shotguns which is in the process of being patented and which gives promise of keen accuracy in all hunting.

In addition to these talents Moore's friends claim for him the title of world's finest trick-shot artist with a slingshot. His accuracy with it is deadly—and why not? He learned to use one even before he had a real gun.