HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for games of Saturday, October 19

Oct. 21, 1957
Oct. 21, 1957

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Oct. 21, 1957

  • While Michigan State showed Michigan why it is one of the two best college teams, a Notre Dame sophomore became Saturday's Hero by booting his team to a Hollywood victory over Army

Mean Hand With A Rock
Wonderful World Of Sport
Events & Discoveries
  • The golf expert of the London Sunday Times cheers Britain's famous victory in the Ryder Cup, but deplores some had manners on both sides stimulated by the slaughter of Goliath

  • By Kenneth Rudeen

    Swedish Saabs and Volvos between them dominated Lime Rock's 10-hour endurance race for small foreign passenger cars

The Duck Man
Cards On The Table
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for games of Saturday, October 19

•Iowa—Wisconsin. Badgers have shown surprising early-season strength while Hawkeyes have come along as expected. IOWA.

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•Arkansas—Texas. Longhorns, unexpectedly, are a much stronger team than preseason reports indicated. Razorbacks have played steady, competent ball against all opposition. In a tough one, ARKANSAS.

•Washington State—Oregon. From this game could emerge the West Coast Rose Bowl representative. Both teams are undefeated in conference play. The Cougars can throw with any of them, while the Ducks are stubborn defensively and can run. WASHINGTON STATE.

•Georgia Tech—Auburn. It's hard to go against the Yellow Jackets on any given Saturday, although young they may be. Still, the Plainsmen have size, speed and experience. So...AUBURN.

•Illinois—Minnesota. The Illini don't seem to be in the same class with the Golden Gophers this season but are always unpredictable. Gophers are going to be hard for any team to stop. MINNESOTA.

•Army—Pittsburgh. Panthers have come down the trail strong after their opening loss to Oklahoma while Cadets have one of their best teams in years despite heartbreaking loss to Notre Dame. ARMY.

•Maryland—North Carolina. Terps area vastly improved team but Tatum's Tar Heels came out of their opening loss to N.C. State with blood in their eyes. Still coming...NORTH CAROLINA.

•Miami—North Carolina State. (Oct. 18). Hurricanes have blown hot and cold. Wily Wolfpack, scourge of the ACC, is undefeated and still prowling. So...N.C. STATE.

•Texas Christian—Texas A&M. Young Horned Frogs are not the set-up they were supposed to be. Aggies, after jittery opener, have settled down to solid football. TEXAS A&M.


Mississippi over Tulane
Tennessee over Alabama
Pennsylvania over Brown
California over Southern California
Duke over Wake Forest
Florida over Mississippi State
Michigan over Northwestern
Michigan state over Purdue
Navy over Georgia
Ohio state over Indiana
Oklahoma over Kansas
Rice over SMU
Oregon State over UCLA
Stanford over Washington
Yale over Cornell
Princeton over Colgate

Last week's hunches: 16 right, 9 wrong
Record to date: 61-34-5