15 The side leg lift will mold your thighs and hips as you like them

Oct. 21, 1957
Oct. 21, 1957

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Oct. 21, 1957

  • While Michigan State showed Michigan why it is one of the two best college teams, a Notre Dame sophomore became Saturday's Hero by booting his team to a Hollywood victory over Army

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  • The golf expert of the London Sunday Times cheers Britain's famous victory in the Ryder Cup, but deplores some had manners on both sides stimulated by the slaughter of Goliath

  • By Kenneth Rudeen

    Swedish Saabs and Volvos between them dominated Lime Rock's 10-hour endurance race for small foreign passenger cars

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15 The side leg lift will mold your thighs and hips as you like them

This exercise is a test of balance but is especially good for trimming and making firm your thighs and hips. Follow directions carefully. This is one time when overambition may destroy the benefits of the exercise, so be sure to maintain the prescribed position. Do not twist your body so that your leg can rise higher. Stay straight and within the limits which the position imposes. Concentrate on keeping your body in a straight, taut line.

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TIPS FOR LIVING: If your exercise sessions seem less lively than they did at first, vary the music, your costume and the time of day, as well as the exercise.

Lie on the floor on your right side with legs together, resting on your right elbow (above). Raise and lower left leg (below), putting palm of your left hand down on the floor to maintain balance. Repeat five times with left leg, then turn on left side and do five more times with right leg.