Oct. 28, 1957
Oct. 28, 1957

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Oct. 28, 1957

Old Masters
  • Students at Chicago's famed Art Institute depict today's sports in the styles of the past

From The Flyways
Fisherman's Calendar
Events & Discoveries
Angler's New Angle
Conversation Piece
World's Richest Horse Race
  • When the Garden State test for two-year-olds is run off this Saturday in New Jersey, the wheel of fortune may point out the 1957 champion; it will send one of these hopeful owners home with the year's biggest haul in prize money

Sporting Look
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


For this year and through March 1958


This is an article from the Oct. 28, 1957 issue

17—Toronto at Canadiens.
17—Boston at Detroit.
19—Chicago at Canadiens.
19—Boston at Toronto.
20—Toronto at Detroit.
20—Chicago at Rangers.
22—Boston at Chicago.
23—Toronto at Rangers.
24—Boston at Detroit.
26—Boston at Canadiens.
26—Rangers at Toronto.
27—Canadiens at Rangers.
27—Chicago at Detroit.
29—Detroit at Chicago.
30—Canadiens at Toronto.
30—Detroit at Rangers.
31—Toronto at Canadiens.
31—Rangers at Boston.


2—Detroit at Canadiens.
2—Chicago at Toronto.
2—*Bos on at Rangers.
3—Rangers at Chicago.
3—Detroit at Boston.
5—Rangers at Detroit.
6—Rangers at Toronto.
7—Detroit at Canadiens.
7—Toronto at Boston.
9—Boston at Canadiens.
9—Detroit at Toronto.
9—*Rangers at Chicago.
10—Toronto at Chicago.
10—Detroit at Boston.
13—Canadiens at Toronto.
13—Chicago at Rangers.
14—Chicago at Boston.
16—Rangers at Canadiens.
16—Boston at Toronto.
16—*Detroit at Chicago.
17—Canadiens at Rangers.
17—Toronto at Boston.
17—Chicago at Detroit.
20—Chicago at Toronto.
20—Detroit at Rangers.
22—Rangers at Chicago.
23—*Canadiens at Boston.
23—Detroit at Toronto.
24—Canadiens at Detroit.
24—Toronto at Rangers.
24—Boston at Chicago.
27—Boston at Rangers.
28—Canadiens at Chicago.
28—Toronto at Detroit.
28—Rangers at Boston.
30—Chicafo at Canadiens.
30—Boston at Toronto.
30—*Detroit at Rangers.


1—Canadiens at Boston.
1—Toronto at Chicago.
1—Rangers at Detroit.
4—Canadiens at Toronto.
4—Chicago at Rangers.
5—Toronto at Canadiens.
5—Detroit at Boston.
7—Detroit at Canadiens.
7—Rangers at Toronto.
7—*Chicago at Boston.
8—Canadiens at Detroit.
8—Toronto at Rangers.
8—Boston at Chicago.
12—Rangers at Canadiens.
12—Boston at Detroit.
14—Boston at Canadiens.
14—Chicago at Toronto.
14—*Rangers at Detroit.
15—Canadiens at Chicago.
15—Toronto at Boston.
15—Detroit at Rangers.
18—Canadiens at Rangers.
19—Toronto at Detroit.
19—Rangers at Boston.
21—Rangers at Canadiens.
21—Boston at Toronto.
21—*Detroit at Chicago.
22—Canadiens at Boston.
22—Toronto at Rangers.
22—Chicago at Detroit.
25—Canadiens at Toronto.
25—Chicago at Rangers.
25—Detroit at Boston.
28—Detroit at Canadiens.
28—Rangers at Toronto.
28—*Boston at Chicago.
29—Canadiens at Rangers.
29—Toronto at Chicago.
29—Boston at Detroit.
31—Chicago at Detroit.


1—Canadiens at Boston.
1—Detroit at Chicago.
2—Toronto at Canadiens.
4—Detroit at Canadiens.
4—Chicago at Toronto.
4—*Boston at Rangers.
5—Canadiens at Rangers.
5—Toronto at Detroit.
5—Boston at Chicago.
8—Toronto at Rangers.
9—Chicago at Canadiens.
9—Boston at Detroit.
11—Rangers at Canadiens.
11—Boston at Toronto.
11—*Chicago at Detroit.
12—Canadiens at Chicago.
12—Toronto at Boston.
12—Detroit at Rangers.
16—Toronto at Canadiens.
16—Chicago at Detroit.
16—Rangers at Boston.
18—Boston at Canadiens.
18—Detroit at Toronto.
18—*Rangers at Chicago.
19—Canadiens at Boston.
19—Toronto at Chicago.
19—Rangers at Detroit.
22—Canadiens at Toronto.
23—Chicago at Boston.
25—Chicago at Canadiens.
25—Rangers at Toronto.
25—*Detroit at Boston.
26—Canadiens at Detroit.
26—Toronto at Boston.
26—Rangers at Chicago.
29—Chicago at Toronto.
29—Boston at Rangers.
30—Detroit at Canadiens.


1—Boston at Canadiens.
1—Detroit at Toronto.
1—*Chicago at Rangers.
2—Canadiens at Chicago.
2—Toronto at Detroit.
2—Rangers at Boston.
6—Canadiens at Detroit.
6—Chicago at Boston.
8—Chicago at Canadiens.
8—Boston at Toronto.
8—*Rangers at Detroit.
9—Canadiens at Rangers.
9—Toronto at Boston.
9—Detroit at Chicago.
12—Canadiens at Toronto.
13—Detroit at Boston.
14—Rangers at Chicago.
15—*Canadiens at Boston.
15—Detroit at Toronto.
16—Canadiens at Chicago.
16—Toronto at Detroit.
16—Boston at Rangers.
19—Chicago at Rangers.
20—Boston at Canadiens.
22—Rangers at Canadiens.
22—Chicago at Toronto.
22—*Boston at Detroit.
23—Canadiens at Detroit.
23—Toronto at Rangers.
23—Boston at Chicago.
26—Chicago at Rangers.
27—Toronto at Canadiens.


1—Detroit at Canadiens.
1—Rangers at Toronto.
1—*Boston at Chicago.
2—Toronto at Chicago.
2—Detroit at Rangers.
4—Boston at Detroit.
5—Chicago at Toronto.
6—Chicago at Boston.
8—Rangers at Canadiens.
8—Boston at Toronto.
8—*Detroit at Chicago.
9—Canadiens at Chicago.
9—Toronto at Boston.
9—Detroit at Rangers.
11—Rangers at Detroit.
12—Canadiens at Toronto.
13—Canadiens at Boston.
15—Chicago at Canadiens.
15—Detroit at Toronto.
15—*Rangers at Boston.
16—Canadiens at Rangers.
16—Toronto at Chicago.
16—Detroit at Boston.
18—Toronto at Detroit.
19—Boston at Rangers.
20—Toronto at Canadiens.
20—Detroit at Chicago.
22—Boston at Canadiens.
22—Rangers at Toronto.
22—*Chicago at Detroit.
23—Canadiens at Detroit.
23—Toronto at Rangers.
23—Chicago at Boston.