Nov. 11, 1957
Nov. 11, 1957

Table of Contents
Nov. 11, 1957

Powerboat Results
Age Of The Hobo
Fisherman's Calendar
The Big Auto Race
Backyard Football
Wonderful World Of Sport
Events & Discoveries
The Scrutable East
Football's Seventh Week
Lemon Drop Kid
Sport In Art
The Jockey Club
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


3—Anthony Ravielli
6—Vincent A. Finnigan
7—A.P., John G. Zimmerman, U.P., A.P. (2)
8—Morris Rosenfeld, Max Peter Haas, A.P., U.P.
9—I.N.P., A.P.
30, 31—Larry Sharkey-Los Angeles Times, U.P. (2), I.N.P. (3)
35, 37—drawings by Ajay
43—Bill Warren-Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Jon Brenneis, Phil Bath
44, 45—top, Wil Blanche
50, 51—Budd Studio
55-58—Frank Lerner
57—top, Gene Pyle
60, 61—Richard Meek
62, 63—Bert and Richard Morgan (23), Richard Meek (5), Harris & Ewing, I.N.P. (7), Ronny Jaques, Leo Frutkoff (2), A.P. (3), Walter Bennett, U.P., Jerry Cooke, Gilbert A. Milne, Mike Sirico
70—Richard Meek
74—Farrell Grehan
76—Richard Meek
80—Fox Photos

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