These shoulder-relaxing exercises will help you to avoid today's universal complaint, tension, which often results in stiff and painful neck and shoulder muscles. Success in relaxing these muscles lies mainly in exercising them before they can tighten into throbbing knots. Set up a pattern of doing these exercises at different times throughout the day. A good time is after a phone call. And when you're driving long distances (a sure shoulder-stiffener) do them every 30 miles.

This is a pull-up press-down motion which can be done while you are standing straight and relaxed or sitting down. Press shoulders down (A) making your neck as long as possible. Pull your shoulders up (B) as close to your ears as you can.

Throw your shoulders back (A) while you raise your chest. Then pull your shoulders forward (B) so that your back is round. Repeat both shoulder exercises four times, and at the end of each series shake your shoulders to loosen them up.