SAYS: The land is only useful to tie a boat to—and once in a while to try to make a living on.

Dec. 02, 1957
Dec. 02, 1957

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Dec. 2, 1957

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  • NAVY 24

    The 1957 Middies are as dangerous as any in Coach Eddie Erdelatz' eight years at Annapolis. An upset by North Carolina and tie by Duke showed that their explosive running-passing can be stopped, but Navy has relaxed since and a bowl hangs on victory

  • ARMY 26

    This year Coach Earl Blaik has assembled his favorite kind of Army team—a big, strong bulldozer that has averaged 405 yards per game. It will go over, through or around you, and only Notre Dame has stopped it. It lacks guile but needs none

Lambs into Lions
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19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

SAYS: The land is only useful to tie a boat to—and once in a while to try to make a living on.

President of Zenith Radio and famous yachtsman

This is an article from the Dec. 2, 1957 issue

Governor of Nebraska
The commander doesn't know Nebraska. It's the only state with no income, sales or inheritance taxes. Although there's no navigable waters, we do have a navy, and I hereby commission Commander McDonald an Admiral in the Nebraska Navy assigned to the governor's staff.

Winston Park Corp.
I think that water is wonderful for bathing, and as a Scotch mixer, too. A sunset down at the seashore can provide a splendid view. But, let's get down to business, building homes is my elation. And quite frankly, Commander McDonald, aqua makes a very poor foundation.

Marlon Brando's leading lady in Sayonara
The owner of Zenith can afford to say that because he doesn't have to "once in a I while try to make a living on the land." I love sailing, but since I work hard for my living, the sea is only good to occasionally make me forget that life is, after all, a survival of the fittest.

American Airlines pilot
The land looks more beautiful from the air. True, it is useful to "tie up to," but I get petrified when crossing . a busy street or driving on the crowded highways. Then you really belong to "the quick or the dead." To me, Commander, the land isn't even useful to make a living on.

U.S. Overseas Air Lines
I know what the commander means, since I learned how to sail in my early teens and I seldom let a weekend slip by without sailing. To me, one little light flickering below in the cabin is more welcoming than a house ablaze with lights at Christmas when you have returned for the holidays.

Ambassador Hotels Chairman of the Board
I've had a hunch that my friend Commander McDonald is a direct descendant of Noah. Now I'm sure of it. I love both the land and the sea that our forefathers handed down to us free. But in this day and age, I favor the sea. After all, isn't it income tax-free?

Los Angeles
Chairman of the Board Catalina, Inc.
Let me say it this way: A boy first learns to swim, which is fortunate, because of all sports swimming is the best body-developer. Then he takes naturally to boating, which makes every man a captain. So I cast my vote for the surf and the sea with three cheers for Commander McDonald.

Dublin, Texas
Co-director, world's championship rodeo
The extent of my seagoing was a ride to the Statue of Liberty. However, I'd like to invite the commander to a different kind of sailing, a ride on a quarter horse, trained for cutting contact, where he goes to a designated steer and takes him out of the herd. That's real cow sense.

Los Angeles
Movie star
I appreciate his love for the sea. Unfortunately, it isn't shared by our municipal authorities. Whenever I go surf bathing, I'm quite apt to slip on a banana peel or kindred objects. It's a good thing we have cruisers and sailboats. Wish Uncle Sam would leave me enough to buy one.