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Dec. 02, 1957
Dec. 02, 1957

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Dec. 2, 1957

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  • NAVY 24

    The 1957 Middies are as dangerous as any in Coach Eddie Erdelatz' eight years at Annapolis. An upset by North Carolina and tie by Duke showed that their explosive running-passing can be stopped, but Navy has relaxed since and a bowl hangs on victory

  • ARMY 26

    This year Coach Earl Blaik has assembled his favorite kind of Army team—a big, strong bulldozer that has averaged 405 yards per game. It will go over, through or around you, and only Notre Dame has stopped it. It lacks guile but needs none

Lambs into Lions
Pheasant Flurry
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

focus on the deed...


This is an article from the Dec. 2, 1957 issue

Professional wrestling has long been classified as entertainment but things got out of hand one night last week at New York's Madison Square Garden, where some 13,000 demonstrative fans became involved in a full-scale riot at the conclusion of the main event, a tag team match. It all started when Hero Antonino Rocca, a hot-tempered Latin, became enraged at the unusual sight of his own blood, charged one of his opponents, Villain Dr. Jerry Graham, and proceeded to bash his head against a handy ring post. Now it was Graham's turn to bleed (right) and the chairs and bottles began to fly from all directions. Police finally restored order as Rocca's admirers proudly shouldered him off (left). Next stop was the New York State Athletic Commission office, where Julius Helfand fined Rocca and Graham each $1,000.

Perfect form is demonstrated by highflying Nancie Rideout, who is obviously keeping in shape for next month's All-America water ski tournament at Cypress Gardens, Fla.

Old friend makes comeback at Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where replica of 1901 Olds roadster moves along the assembly line. Car will do 37 mph, will sell for $1,095 (see page 30).