Dec. 09, 1957
Dec. 09, 1957

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Dec. 9, 1957

Fisherman's Calendar
Coming Events
The American Game
  • Basketball's boom has triggered a chain reaction of new multimillion-dollar arenas equipped to handle great crowds in a setting of colorful, geometric beauty

Art On The Court
  • Behind the apparently aimless swirl of 10 young men racing down a polished hardwood floor and the dynamic disarray which they present beneath the basket, there exist certain basic, even classic, patterns and skills. In instants of perfection, they also become an art, indigenous to this sport alone: the shooting, playmaking and defense which make up the game of basketball

Dixie's Hero
Quel Homme!
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Cover—John G. Zimmerman
5—John G. Zimmerman
6—Phil Burchman
10—A.P., U.P., Don Zarcone and Ed Bordanaro, A.P., Al Panzera—Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
11—David Bier, A.P., Antonio Ortega, Eastfoto, European, A.P.
12—Robert W. Kelley—LIFE
16, 17—Burt Glinn-Magnum (2), Dorka, The Advertiser (Adelaide)
23, 24—drawings by Ajay
28, 29, 31, 34—John G. Zimmerman
32, 33—A. Y. Owen
36, 37—John G. Zimmerman (3), Hy Peskin, Richard Meek
43—Hy Peskin
76—The Charlotte Observer
82—John G. Zimmerman
92—Guy Gillette
97, 99—Richard Meek

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