Nothing Could Be Finer...

Dec. 09, 1957
Dec. 09, 1957

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Dec. 9, 1957

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The American Game
  • Basketball's boom has triggered a chain reaction of new multimillion-dollar arenas equipped to handle great crowds in a setting of colorful, geometric beauty

Art On The Court
  • Behind the apparently aimless swirl of 10 young men racing down a polished hardwood floor and the dynamic disarray which they present beneath the basket, there exist certain basic, even classic, patterns and skills. In instants of perfection, they also become an art, indigenous to this sport alone: the shooting, playmaking and defense which make up the game of basketball

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Nothing Could Be Finer...

No, nothing could be finer, as the old song has it, than to be in Carolina—in the morning or any time during the basketball season this winter. That's North Carolina, of course, and Chapel Hill specifically. The Tar Heels of Carolina were the undefeated national champions last season, and three of the five champs are back this year—Tommy Kearns, Bob Cunningham and Pete Brennan. All three are shown at right between classes, well attended by Carolina coeds as befits their status of Big Men on Campus.

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The principal reason why Carolina is such a fine place for basketball these days is the presence of a cheerful Irishman from New York named Frank McGuire. Coach McGuire has imbued his men above all with that primary ingredient of the true champion: poise. Last year, under the stress of a 31-game winning streak and with the national title at stake, they faced the awesome Wilt Chamberlain and his Kansas team in the final and never doubted they would win. As the speedy, puckish Kearns puts it: "Our attitude in a game is that we're better than you are and you've got to prove otherwise." It's an attitude that should help make Tommy Kearns & Co. the finest in the nation for the second year in a row.

Ghostly images of this time exposure shot show paths of Carolina's fast break as practiced by starting five on home court.

Tar Heel players and coeds relax in front of columned structure called The Well, a traditional campus meeting place.

All smiles as they face a new season are Coach McGuire and Guard Tommy Kearns, Carolina's fine backcourt general. New Jerseyite Kearns is one of many Tar Heels drawn to UNC by McGuire's presence.