If a fellow follows sports...

Dec. 09, 1957
Dec. 09, 1957

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Dec. 9, 1957

Fisherman's Calendar
Coming Events
The American Game
  • Basketball's boom has triggered a chain reaction of new multimillion-dollar arenas equipped to handle great crowds in a setting of colorful, geometric beauty

Art On The Court
  • Behind the apparently aimless swirl of 10 young men racing down a polished hardwood floor and the dynamic disarray which they present beneath the basket, there exist certain basic, even classic, patterns and skills. In instants of perfection, they also become an art, indigenous to this sport alone: the shooting, playmaking and defense which make up the game of basketball

Dixie's Hero
Quel Homme!
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

If a fellow follows sports...

I remember when Westbrook Pegler was a sportswriter and when the Rices and Runyons made a suspenseful yarn out of every sports event. The Police Gazette was practically my primer. And not because of the Mack Sennett bathing beauties either. I was too young for that.

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But in recent years I've thought I might have noticed a detectable decline in the dramatic quality of our sports writing. The color, the imaginative writing, and the picturesque nomenclature didn't seem as rich as they used to be.

Then someone got an inspiration—SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Here I find what I've been missing—stories of all our national and sectional sports events, not only written in the old tradition, but accompanied by pictures wisely chosen and harmoniously laid out.

If a fellow follows sports, he's got to follow SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.


"There has never been the slightest confusion about where Bing Crosby stands," wrote Herbert Warren Wind in 1956. "He is, in his attitude toward sports, what you might call the amateur's amateur: he loves to play them (and plays them well); he loves to talk them (and talks them whenever he can)."

For two decades now one of the true high, points of the winter golf season has been "The Crosby," the tournament Bing sponsors each January over the classic courses on California's Monterey Peninsula.