Dec. 16, 1957
Dec. 16, 1957

Table of Contents
Dec. 16, 1957

From The Flyways
Fisherman's Calendar
Three For The Money
Horses Of The Year
Minor Leagues
Canary Islands
The New Way To Ski—Second Lesson:
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


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9—Morris Rosenfeld, A.P.
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13—Virginia Kraft
16—John G. Zimmerman
18, 20—drawings by Ajay
24—A.P., E. Martin Jessee
25—Dan Weiner
34, 36—A.P.
42—Canada Pictures Ltd.
43—L. F. Hartford
50—map by William Bernstein
52—Richard Meek
57—Herb Alden
73—Jerry Cooke
76—Budd Studio

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