Jan. 06, 1958
Jan. 06, 1958

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Jan. 6, 1958

From The Flyways
All Hail The Lusty Lions
A Star Is Born
  • By William F. Talbert

    Barry MacKay, who very nearly missed the trip, was the big news as the U.S. failed to win back the Davis Cup. His team captain here-calls him the hope of tennis

Pitt's Ticket
Sporting Look
  • Nor rain nor cold nor reluctant birds could stop these spaniels from brisk completion of their top contest: the National Field Trial Championships

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


1—George Moffett
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3—U.P., A.P.
4—George Moffett
5—Jim Hosmer
6—Robert W. Kelly-LIFE
13—Herald-Sun (Melbourne)
14—U.P., A.P., U.P.
15—Ormond Gigli from Rapho-Guillumette, U.P., A.P. (2)
16, 19—drawings by Ajay
20—Richard Meek, U.P.
21—A.P. (2)
22—U.P., A.P., Bill Nelsen-Abilene Reporter-News
23—U.P. (3)
26-28—illustrations by Joe Kaufman
29—Hy Peskin
30—John Bryson, Toni Frissell
31—Jack Birns
32, 33—Horace Bristol
34—Toni Frissell, Hy Peskin
35—D. P. Rodewald from Rapho-Guillumette
36—Mark Kauffman, Richard Meek
38, 39—map by Jean Simpson
51—Meyer Schleifer, Alfred Scheinwold (4)
53—John G. Hemmer
54—Richard Meek, costume by Capezio
56, 57—Carleton Mitchell
58—Victor Jorgensen-Scope
59—map by William Bernstein
60—Carleton Mitchell
64—Shelburne Studios, Inc.

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