SO—season opens SC—season closes C—clear water D—water dirty, roily N—water normal height SH—slightly high H—high VH—very high M—water muddy L—low R—rising WT50—water 50° FG—fishing good FVG—fishing very good FF—fishing fair FP—fishing poor OG—outlook good OVG—outlook very good OF—outlook fair OP—outlook poor

BLACK BASS: CALIFORNIA: FVG Lower Colorado River reservoirs and Lake Cachuma. Overton Arm of Lake Mead reports limit catches but few lunkers. FP on Lake Isabella as bass move into deep water. OG.

LOUISIANA: Monroe anglers busy, bass hungry and winter catches outweighing those of past summer. FVG in Black Bayou, where Spencer Brewster of Monroe landed 38 blacks in a week's angling; biggest scaled 6½ pounds.

MISSISSIPPI: Bayou Boogie taking lunkers in Dump Lake, where Alton Coney of Jackson pulled in 14 bigmouths ranging to 5 pounds. Elsewhere in state VH water slowing sport but OG in next few weeks.

TENNESSEE: FG in Central Hill Lake for smallmouths averaging 3 pounds. Doll fly, popping bugs, swimming minnows best producers.

STRIPED BASS: CALIFORNIA: Diehards braving rain and cold in delta are connecting on stripers to 25 pounds. FG/OG in Decker Island area of Sacramento River in spite of weather.

NORTH CAROLINA: Cold weather hampering surf fishermen along Outer Banks but commercial netters still bringing in whoppers to 50 pounds. Baby stripers slacked off in Croatan Sound as choppy waters push fish into tidal rivers where 6-year-old Lindsey Owens of Elizabeth City took 5-pounder on bucktail from Pasquotank River.

NEW YORK: With fishing activity light, representatives of 55 New England and Middle Atlantic states' rod and gun clubs met last week at the N.Y. Athletic Club to promote hook and line legislation for stripers in all states from Maine to the Carolinas. Group hopes to incorporate as Atlantic Coast Marine Sportsmen's Association with conservation of striper as chief goal.

STEELHEAD: BRITISH COLUMBIA: OG if New Year brings cold weather. Plenty of fish in Cowichan, Oyster, Campbell, Quinsam, Coquihalla, Vedder and most streams, but heavy rains and mild weather keeping water VH/FP.

OREGON: Fishing terrible as new storms lash coast with heavy rains and 60-mph winds. All coastal streams overflowing banks, with Nestucca River nine feet above fishing level. OP.

WASHINGTON: FP/OP. Weather miserable.

SAILFISH: FLORIDA: Key West and Marathon captains bringing in large catches, happy clients. OG. Farther north, Palm Beach reports rough seas, FP but OG for 20th annual Silver Sailfish Derby running Jan. 12 to Feb. 8.

CHANNEL BASS: NORTH CAROLINA: Best season in years finally over as warm weather ends and red drum leave coastal waters.

GEORGIA: FF/OF for most anglers, but F. L. Mattfeldt of Atlanta doing fine on homemade nylon jig consisting of No. 4 split shot pinched on 1/0 or 2/0 hook tied with clipped tail of ordinary two-color nylon thread. Mattfeldt's lure costs a few cents, takes minutes to make and is reported surefire for most salt-water fish.

MARLIN: BAHAMAS: Fishing from his own boat off Cat Cay, Ferdinand Eberstadt of New York hooked into 525-pound blue on 24-thread line, landed monster in two hours.

WAHOO: BAHAMAS: Sport fishermen latching onto wahoo all along eastern edge of Tongue of the Ocean from Goulding Cay to Southwest reef as big fish hit anything trolled. F. L. Belin of Washington, D.C. copped weekly Bahamas Round-up award with 45-pounder taken on 36-pound line while fishing with Charter Boatman Milton Pearce.

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)