A young girl running like a deer, joyously, along a sandy path that leads to a tropical sea...Hollywood at the bullfights...a great fish leaping out of clear blue water into a clear blue sky: these things epitomize the southland's varied charms for the vacationer. No matter what type of relaxation you may seek, there is something in the next eight pages for every taste and mood. Some will think only of the sea, some will seek the pleasures of the land. But all will seek the sun, wherever it may be, and lie in it content, knowing that the tan of today is the reward of tomorrow—back home in the northland.


Bullfights, of course—but at Tijuana they come with the additional attraction of the Hollywood crowd that motors down and provides you with a guessing game: who's who in the stands?

Offshore, the big fish wait. This is a sailfish, leaping high out of the blue Pacific; and on almost any day off southern Mexico a fisherman can hope to catch one—or even two or three.

The sea is warm, the sun is warm, and the seaside resorts—this one is Acapulco—have everything from comfortable watching of things under the sea to comfortable pedal-boating on it.

On the clean, wide sweep of New Mexico's incomparable White Sands, three vacationers stroll before a shadowed dune and the distant San Andreas range


On the other hand, if you enjoy more strenuous forms of sport you will find this sport of swinging from the topping lift of a hard-driving sailboat a most unusual and exciting adventure.

Cleveland Amory has a quizzical look-as Mrs. John Pringle makes her move in this chess game at Round Hill in Jamaica. If chess is your game, this is a very pleasant place to play it.

This trap shoot in Cuba has everything—real live pigeons, lots of excited spectators and plenty of gambling money. Cuba is the top spot for the noon-to-dawn sportsman.


This is where the weary sun-seeker comes into his—or her—own. So, of course, does the girl watcher and (above), activated by slow degrees (as one is in Florida), the golf watcher and, most of all, the golf player, who here finds his paradise.