24 Thigh rotation tones muscles and improves the look of your legs

Jan. 06, 1958
Jan. 06, 1958

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Jan. 6, 1958

From The Flyways
All Hail The Lusty Lions
A Star Is Born
  • By William F. Talbert

    Barry MacKay, who very nearly missed the trip, was the big news as the U.S. failed to win back the Davis Cup. His team captain here-calls him the hope of tennis

Pitt's Ticket
Sporting Look
  • Nor rain nor cold nor reluctant birds could stop these spaniels from brisk completion of their top contest: the National Field Trial Championships

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

24 Thigh rotation tones muscles and improves the look of your legs

This week's exercise, thigh rotation, designed and demonstrated here by Bonnie Prudden, will help strengthen your legs and make them firmer and more attractive. The rotating motion also increases flexibility of the legs. In a later lesson, Bonnie will introduce a more difficult variation of this exercise, so it is important to master this one in preparation for the future.

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Lie on your back, then raise upper body, supporting yourself on lower arms. Twist feet inward as far as you can and tip your head back to stretch "double chin" neck muscles.

Maintain the same position and rotate your feet out as far as possible. Really push hard with your feet to get the most out of the exercise. Repeat the whole movement 16 times.