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Jan. 13, 1958
Jan. 13, 1958

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Jan. 13, 1958

Tough Juniors
  • Rugged training and long hours are paying off with a generation of new skiers who will be hard to beat

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Wonderful World Of Sport
Bing Crosby
Sporting Look
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

focus on the deed...

Boxing Brawlers do what comes naturally as hard-hitting young Lightweight Larry Boardman, who has had his own ups and downs recently, decks Peter Schmidt for the full count in the sixth round of their televised fight at the St. Nicholas Arena in New York.

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Hockey Brawlers move out of character to trade punches at Boston, where Montreal Canadiens defeated Bruins 4-3 in game marked by 27 penalties. Here, officials try to separate Montreal's Henri Richard and Boston's Leo Labine, both of whom required stitches.

Proud Angler indeed is Canada's vacationing Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, who holds yellow fin rockfish and grouper he hauled in during a day of deep-sea fishing at Nassau.

First-Born but still unnamed son of famed racer Native Dancer, bearing a proud heritage, comes of age as he ogles his second birthday cake, held by pretty Deanne Briggs at Hialeah.

Family Affair Hialeah finds Calumet Farm's General Manager Ben Jones (right) looking fit, being toasted by his son Jimmy, Calumet trainer, on occasion of his 75th birthday.