SO—season opens SC—season closes C—clear water D—water dirty, roily N—water normal height SH—slightly high H—high VH—very high M—water muddy L—low R—rising WT50—water 50° FG—fishing good FVG—fishing very good FF—fishing fair FP—fishing poor OG—outlook good OVG—outlook very good OF—-outlook fair OP—outlook poor

BLACK BASS: LOUISIANA: FG in Black Bayou where 2-and 3-pounders are smacking Bass Masters in shallow water. Good results also reported from Black Lake near Campti and from Cross Lake and Lake Bristineau near Shreve-port. Elsewhere, cold weather and high water have slowed proceedings; OF.

MISSISSIPPI: Few 5-pounders being taken from streams feeding into Bay of Biloxi but anglers in central and north Mississippi shivering and discouraged; OP.

TENNESSEE: Weather snappy in Tennessee, too, but dogged and well-insulated anglers taking excellent strings of bass from nearly all lakes. Best catch of week was a 12-pound 3-ounce largemouth executed in Dickson's Lake by D. Ellis Walker of Dickson. Catch was only 1 ounce under state record taken last winter by same angler in same lake.

BONEFISH: BAHAMAS: FVG/OVG with Bang Bang Club on Andros Island center of activity. On New Year's Eve, club celebrated 1,515th fish of season. Silver trophy for 1,500th went to Sam Gorman of Kansas City, Mo. who scaled a 7-pound boner at noon.

STEELHEAD: WASHINGTON: Water L and C and mild, dry spell returning steelhead to rivers where WT is averaging 40-45°. Nooksack River anglers scoring with bobbers at Frog Pond above Ferndale. FG in Samish River for 10-pounders from Highway 99 bridge to spot a quarter of mile downstream. Skagit River producing scrappers from 6 to 14 pounds in Lyman stretch. However, coloration of fish is dark, indicating long stay in fresh water. Majority of catches being made on single egg rolled along bottom with quarter-ounce lead sinker; OG.

CALIFORNIA: FP, although few days of clear weather should improve such coastal streams as Gualala, Noyo, Big and Garcia. Some steel-head taking bait in Sacramento but Eel FVP.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: FF/G, although mild, stormy weather creating uncertain stream conditions. On mainland, Vedder, Chehalis and Coquihalla yielding good sport, while on Vancouver Island, Cowichan, Nanaimo, Punt-ledge and Salmon are attracting anglers. Steel-head fishing at Quinsam, Oyster and Qualicum are up to snuff, but OVG for next two weeks if heavy rains don't bring stream levels too high.

WAHOO: BAHAMAS: FG with fish concentrated in vicinity of Six Shillings Cays 26 miles northeast of Nassau. Last week J. F. Baron and George M. Grant of West Calgary, Alberta, fishing from Baron's sport fisherman Maggie Calgary, weighed in four 9-thread catches. Heftiest was Baron's 57-pound 12-ounce wahoo, which took top honors in Bahamas Wahoo Roundup.

PACIFIC SALMON: BRITISH COLUMBIA: Stormy weather has kept trollers and moochers ashore for most of past week, but calm spells have produced spring salmon and grilse in Horseshoe Bay and Saanich Inlet; OF.

PACIFIC YELLOWTAIL: MEXICO: OG out of Guaymas, with good catches being made off Lighthouse Point, Cabo Arco and Punta San Antonio. Some fish also at mouth of Guaymas harbor, and anglers are achieving results by trolling whole mackerel, Martin plugs or spoons; OG.

STRIPED BASS: CALIFORNIA: Few anglers active, but OG as last week Frank's Tract produced a 44-and a 42-pounder.

ATLANTIC SALMON: NEWFOUNDLAND: Year-end report on salmon sport fishery in Newfoundland shows that a total of 22,000 fish were taken by anglers in 1957, an increase of 5,000 over 1956. Average weight of fish was just over 4½ pounds, with the largest reported a 42-pounder taken from upper River of Ponds on west side of northern peninsula; OVG for 1958.

PHOTOANGLER-SLUGGER Ted Williams takes time on Puerto Rican trip to explain big game reel to San Juan Little Leaguer Ed Clapp.