S—snow R—rain F—freeze-up T—temperature SF—spotty flight FF—fair flight GF—good flight EF—excellent flight GDW—good duck weather SC—season closes (or closed) BW—bluebird weather PG—poor gunning FG—fair gunning GG—good gunning EG—excellent gunning OP—outlook poor OF—outlook fair OG—outlook good OVG—outlook very good SO—season opens (or opened)

RHODE ISLAND: SC Jan. 15 and OG for GG during last week with bluebill population up. Also 1,000 honkers are commuting between southern Rhode Island salt ponds and islands off Cape Cod. GF of widgeon and blacks are on Narragansett Bay.

MARYLAND: FG/GG for canvasbacks in Chop-tank, Nanticoke, Potomac and Patuxent rivers, with EG in small, deep-water coves of Patuxent southeast of Washington. FG for honkers in Kent County. However, goose shooting generally poor on Eastern Shore. OP for ducks, too, as gunners hoping GDW will bring in more birds, but wardens predict there are no more birds to come. SC Jan. 15.

VIRGINIA: GG for honkers on James River but PG for ducks except on southern end of Potomac River where it enters Chesapeake Bay.

NORTH CAROLINA: GDW making OG for last week of season with EF of pintails, gadwalls and bluebills present on Outer Banks. OG also for honkers. Redheads and brant in good number in Pamlico Sound area near Ocracoke and Hatteras. Gunners are doing well from stake and point blinds, as well as sink boxes.

FLORIDA: SC Jan. 15 and OF with SF of birds. Some blacks and mallards in central state regions, but numbers well below average. Best bet now is area northwest of Lake Okeechobee, where normally dry marshes are holding water and large rafts of birds, particularly along western bank of Kissimmee River.

LOUISIANA: SF of mallards now moving down Red River in northwest state, and agent reports FG. In northeast Louisiana mallards present in the thousands, but so scattered that OP/PG.

CALIFORNIA: Sacramento Valley GG with GF of big mallards and pintails. Patient scouting necessary, however, as birds are concentrating in open areas. San Joaquin Valley clubs report morning GG and OG until SC Jan. 14. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OF as peak of season is past. Imperial Valley state-operated shooting areas reported last week that 475 hunters bagged 657 ducks and 24 geese. Colorado River still offering GG. However, gunners needed to keep birds moving.

OREGON: EF waterfowl through Willamette Valley and water in corn and grain stubble fields make conditions ideal. Dayton, Albany, Corvallis and Peoria areas all report EG for mallards, pintails, widgeon and teal. New flight of honkers have moved into Rickreall and Corvallis wintering grounds, where honker hunting now rated as best of season. OVG until SC Jan. 14. However, bad news hit Willamette Valley when Glen and Ron Hardman, who manage 400-acre farm south of Salem, announced that land will be posted against hunting next year because of gunner vandalism.

WASHINGTON: GG on Samish and Stillaquamish rivers, but OP in rest of state. Although EF of birds on Puget Sound, Columbia Basin and Yakima Valley, BW prevails so ducks are not moving. Few geese in evidence, but brant beginning to show in Dungeness and Grays Harbor areas.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Heavy winds and flooded fields have combined to offer GG in Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island. GG should continue until SC Jan. 15, though birds are wary. FF of brant near Boundary Bay and at Mary Island, Savary Island and Seal Island to the north; OG and SO through February 28.