these faces in the crowd...

Jan. 20, 1958
Jan. 20, 1958

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Jan. 20, 1958

Fisherman's Calendar
Florida Storm
  • New Year's Day was clear and warm in Florida as vacationing yachtsmen put to sea—but nature, as is all too frequently her wont, had her own hideous plans for the opening of the biggest southern holiday in years. Here, with the help of its correspondents, and of the navy, the Coast Guard and the U.S. Weather Bureau, Sports Illustrated assembles the story:

  • Tenacity, natural rhythm and a quick, sure eye have made lanky Neil Johnston Philadelphia's man of distinction for seven seasons

NCAA Convention
Acapulco Race
Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

these faces in the crowd...

Ilsa and Jon Konrads, Australia's latest whiz kids, threw chlorinated water set into full-scale tizzy with their record-breaking exploits in New South Wales championships at Sydney (see page 24), smashing four world freestyle marks with bang heard as far off as 1960 Olympics. Ilsa, Latvian-born, 13-year-old ash blonde, swirled through 800 meters in 10:11.1 and 880 yards in 10:17.7 (Jan. 9); Jon, her 15-year-old brother, covered 880 in 9:17.7, was given credit for same time for 800 meters.

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Buddy Werner, shy, 21-year-old skier from Steamboat Springs, Colo., trailed Toni Sailer in downhill, finished third in slalom, but piled up enough points to win Lauberhorn combined title at Wengen, first major European ski victory by American male.

Bobby Fischer, 14-year-old from Brooklyn, who has become as skillful at end-game play as in midgame strategy, held International Grand Master Samuel Reshevsky to draw, went on to add U.S. chess title to national open, in New York (see page 26).

Jan Loudermilk, 17, Big Spring, Texas, high school senior who has learned to use his 6 feet 6 inches and 215 pounds to good advantage underneath basket, scored 75 points against Odessa's Ector High, brought college scouts beating path to his door.