All Out for Hockey

Jan. 20, 1958
Jan. 20, 1958

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Jan. 20, 1958

Fisherman's Calendar
Florida Storm
  • New Year's Day was clear and warm in Florida as vacationing yachtsmen put to sea—but nature, as is all too frequently her wont, had her own hideous plans for the opening of the biggest southern holiday in years. Here, with the help of its correspondents, and of the navy, the Coast Guard and the U.S. Weather Bureau, Sports Illustrated assembles the story:

  • Tenacity, natural rhythm and a quick, sure eye have made lanky Neil Johnston Philadelphia's man of distinction for seven seasons

NCAA Convention
Acapulco Race
Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

All Out for Hockey

This staggering assemblage of youngsters and coaches on the ice of Toronto's Scarboro Arena is vivid testimony to the loyalty of Canadians to their national game. This is the Scarboro Lions League, 700 strong, a highly developed and well-equipped organization for boys 8 to 15, who play a game a week during the season. Each age group has a separate framework within the league, from Tyke to Midget teams, and thereafter the better players are directed toward farm clubs of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Toronto Rookie Bobby Baun is a Scarboro graduate who has made the big league. In uniform or out, Canadian kids have an icy good time; for a look at informal hockey turn the page.

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Backyard Hockey on impromptu rink made by hosing a Toronto lawn lures Teddy La Palm, 10, Margaret Callahan, 4, Charles Jewett, 6.