these faces in the crowd...

Jan. 27, 1958
Jan. 27, 1958

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Jan. 27, 1958

Snow Patrol
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They're Off!
  • By Kenneth Rudeen

    The violent impact and flashing color that electrify Madison Square Garden on hockey night—shown on the following three pages—are a photographer's paradise. Opposite: the Red Wings' Johnny Wilson takes a tumble over Jack Evans of the Rangers

Tip From The Top
Cards On The Table
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
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these faces in the crowd...

Don Talbot, 24-year-old grammar school teacher who learned swimming from Australia's famed Coach Frank Guthrie, took bows in his turn for transforming Aussie youngsters Ilsa and Jon Konrads (see below) from dog paddlers to record breakers.

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Rickie Ann Rendich, lovely Mamaroneck, N.Y. 18-year-old who creates advertising displays for stores, gracefully whirled and twirled through free-skating routine to earn her first Middle Atlantic ladies' figure skating championship in New York.

Jack Crabtree, Oregon quarterback, thought Ohio State saw all they wanted to of him in Rose Bowl, but he was pleasantly surprised last week when Columbus Touchdown Club gallantly gave him award as "outstanding player" in New Year's Day game.

Merle Matthews, grinning Long Beach, Calif. secretary, got greatest thrill of her 42 years when she split last two clutch games with Marion Ladewig to win the women's title and also $2,000 in the All-Star match game bowling tournament at Minneapolis Armory.

Edgar Petrini, precocious 11-year-old Annapolis speed boy who is known as Tiger to his friends, broke world record while winning national title in junior utility class, was rewarded by election to Gulf Marine Racing Hall of Fame, in New York (see below).

Edward Walsh, 49, St. Louis industrialist and sportsman who is also licensed sports car racing driver, was elected interim president of Sports Car Club of America at Cleveland, will serve until the organizational setup is revised, with board of governors taking over.