Post-surgery success is demonstrated here by plucky Hare Spy (No. 1), who returned to the London greyhound races to beat Gipsy Don despite a plastic bone inserted in her hock after an accident last May

Pre-surgery view of the cavernous Los Angeles Coliseum gives an idea of what it will look like for the Dodgers' first 1958 home game after persistent Walter O'Malley completes his planned alterations.

Relentless Don Carter, using famed "unorthodox" but revolutionary style (SI, Nov. 18), came from behind to win his fourth All-Star tournament title in Minneapolis (see above).

Bored Vince Martinez lounges languidly against the ropes after slipping to the canvas in the 4th round of his welterweight elimination bout with Gil Turner at Philadelphia.

Surprised Willie Pep, who got tangled in his own feet in the 9th round, almost can't believe his eyes as he watches Tommy Tibbs, winner of 10-round decision in Boston fight.