SO—season opens SC—season closes C—clear water D—water dirty, roily N—water normal height SH—slightly high H—high VH—very high M—water muddy L—low R—rising WT50—water 50° FG—fishing good FVG—fishing very good FF—fishing fair FP—fishing poor OG—outlook good OVG—outlook very good OF—outlook fair OP—outlook poor

BLUE MARLIN: PUERTO RICO: Windy, but OG. Last week Lionel Furst of New York prevailed over a 411½ pounder in a 1½-hour engagement off San Juan.

STEELHEAD: CALIFORNIA: A few days ago Ernest Cunningham of Corning took a 37-pound 3-ounce steelhead from the Russian River, cut it into small pieces which he installed in his freezer, then was told that fish, intact, would have been new world record by 3 ounces. Russian H but OG. Cloverdale-Ukiah stretch preferred. Gualala, Garcia and other small streams on north coast also clearing and OG for week ahead.

WASHINGTON: All rivers H and M after heavy rains though OVG as cold front has moved in and large head of fresh water is bringing steel-head in. Results expected from Dosewallips, Duckabush, Puyallup, Snoqualmie, Sauk, Toutle, North and South forks of Nooksack above Nugents Bridge. Skagit clearing rapidly, and OVG at Wylie Bar, Storrs Bar, Tarheel Bar, at mouth of Finney Creek and in Gilligan Creek riffle. Samish OG too with healthy percentage of hatchery-raised fish returning.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Streams H and M and OP with storms forecast.

WAHOO: BAHAMAS: FVG, although visiting angler activity at alltime low in Nassau, thanks to general strike. Last week, however, Mrs. Oliver Lucas of Nassau boated a 75-pound wahoo on 40-pound test line, while Mrs. Lorrie Colish of Flint, Mich. fishing out of nonstriking Andros Island polished off a 67-pounder on 45-pound test line.

BONEFISH: FLORIDA: FVG between unusual wintry blasts which are afflicting Florida and Florida Keys this season. Recently, Mr. and Mrs. H. Tracy Balcome of Cincinnati caught and released seven bonefish in one day while fishing with Guide Dick Williams of Islamorada. Balcome bonefish ranged from 6 to 10 pounds and were taken on 8-pound test line.

PACIFIC SALMON: BRITISH COLUMBIA: FG in sheltered waters of Pender Harbor for springs to 15 pounds. Heavy run of immature 2-pound fish under way in English Bay and near Victoria in Saanich Inlet and Oak Bay. Oak Bay and Esquimalt Harbor also offering springs to 30 pounds; OG.

KINGFISH: FLORIDA: Seas rough but FVG for 12- to 25-pound kings throughout Keys and north to Miami, where Government Cut is offering both kingfish and tarpon.