Jan. 27, 1958
Jan. 27, 1958

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Jan. 27, 1958

Snow Patrol
Fisherman's Calendar
They're Off!
  • By Kenneth Rudeen

    The violent impact and flashing color that electrify Madison Square Garden on hockey night—shown on the following three pages—are a photographer's paradise. Opposite: the Red Wings' Johnny Wilson takes a tumble over Jack Evans of the Rangers

Tip From The Top
Cards On The Table
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


1—Richard Meek
2—Walter Daran
3—I.N.P., A.P., European, I.N.P.
4—A.P., Dudley Brumbach-Cleveland Plain Dealer, drawing by A. Ravielli, A.P. (2)
8—Rich Eliot
12—I.N.P., Richard Meek, John G. Zimmerman, I.N.P.
14—John Bryson-TIME
15—John G. Zimmerman, I.N.P., U.P.
21, 23, 24—drawings by Ajay
25—Willard Mullin-New York World-Telegram & Sun; Bruce Russell-Los Angeles Times; Los Angeles Mirror-News, Hall; Karl Hubenthal-Los Angeles Examiner; John Maloney-Los Angeles Herald Express; Leo O'Mealia-Daily News
26—U.P., Aggieland Studio, A.P.
30, 31—James Fynmore
39—George Heinz
41—LAI Press Dept.
44—Don Stetzer-Pittsburgh Press
47—Richard Meek
54-59—George Moffett

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