Feb. 10, 1958
Feb. 10, 1958

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Feb. 10, 1958

Fisherman's Calendar
Snow Patrol
Race To Remember
  • Fire almost made a tragedy of the famed San Diego to Acapulco ocean race but it all had a happy ending

  • Herb Elliott, an Aussie schoolboy when Landy and Bannister were blazing the four-minute trail, turned the trick last week and is only sorry he didn't beat the world record

Weidman's Burden
Wonderful World Of Sport
Bobby Bragan
Tip From The Top
  • By Marlene Bauer Hagge
  • In a floodlit arena filled with 15,000 cheering spectators the dog world's elite faces its greatest test—Westminster

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


12 A Race They'll Remember
Fire almost made a tragedy of the Acapulco race, but it had a happy ending

This is an article from the Feb. 10, 1958 issue Original Layout

16 Two Miracle Miles in a Week
A young Aussie named Herb Elliott is the newest name to paste in your hat

18 Spectacle: Squash at its Best
A closeup in color of the game that has become a fast-rising U.S. fever

27 Cheesecake for the Dodgers
In L.A., naturally, they figure the old Brooklyn Bums need a new symbol

32 Indians, Meet Your Chief
Bobby Bragan, down in Cuba, signals Cleveland his intentions.
By Richard W. Johnston

40 Dave's New Start
Duke's Dave Sime, who may be the fastest human being in the world, comes roaring back

48 Westminster: The Big Time
Moment of truth for dogs

60 A Horseplayer's Confession
"I Made My First Bet $25,000 Ago." As told to Sol Fox

The departments

7 Fisherman's Calendar
8 Scoreboard
10 Snow Patrol
11 Coming Events
23 Events & Discoveries
28 Wonderful World of Sport
38 Basketball
40 Track
42 Golf
43 Tip from the Top
44 Hunting
51 Bonnie Prudden
52 Charles Goren
67 The 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Cover: Squash Champions Henri Salaun and Diehl Mateer are caught here in a rare moment of inactivity. For a colorful glimpse of how these topflight American amateurs play one of the fastest games in all sport, turn to page 18.

Photograph by Dan Weiner

Acknowledgments on page 10


Next week

•Next week's cover catches one of the finest hockey defenses ever to grace the rinks. Ken Rudeen tells how the brilliant Canadiens have already salted away the 1957-58 title.

•At the ridiculously early ages of 13 and 15, Ilsa and Jon Konrads are shattering world swimming records. Coles Phin-izy describes them and examines the reasons for Australia's swimming supremacy.

•An exclusive report by Charles Goren on the World Bridge Championship at Lake Como, with his own analysis of some of the hands which highlighted the tournament.