Feb. 10, 1958
Feb. 10, 1958

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Feb. 10, 1958

Fisherman's Calendar
Snow Patrol
Race To Remember
  • Fire almost made a tragedy of the famed San Diego to Acapulco ocean race but it all had a happy ending

  • Herb Elliott, an Aussie schoolboy when Landy and Bannister were blazing the four-minute trail, turned the trick last week and is only sorry he didn't beat the world record

Weidman's Burden
Wonderful World Of Sport
Bobby Bragan
Tip From The Top
  • By Marlene Bauer Hagge
  • In a floodlit arena filled with 15,000 cheering spectators the dog world's elite faces its greatest test—Westminster

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


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