Fencers, dancers, rock climbers and active people generally will find this week's exercise, the lateral leg stretch, particularly helpful. It will strengthen the muscles in your legs and abdomen and is also good for developing balance. When you first try this new exercise, you can help keep your balance by leaning over and dropping your hands to the floor directly in front of you, letting them "walk" as you move across the floor. As soon as you are able, give up the hand support, straighten your back and perform the stretching exercise as designed and demonstrated by Bonnie in these three photographs.

From a squatting position, transfer your weight as far over your right foot as you can, keeping balance and a straight trunk.

Holding your head at about the same distance from floor, move back into the squatting position, weight evenly distributed.

Then move weight over left foot in the same manner as A. Make the three-part movement continuous. Do four to 15 shifts.