Feb. 17, 1958
Feb. 17, 1958

Table of Contents
Feb. 17, 1958

Snow Patrol
The Habs Have It
The Lion's Den
Lake Como Bridge
Sporting Look
Horse Racing
Horse Shows
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


5—Judd Gunderson-Los Angeles Times, Eliahu Attar
6—A.P.; right, Allan Grant-LIFE, Dan Hightower-St. Petersburg Independent, U.P., A.P., Robert Phillips-Black Star, Jerry Cooke
8—Canadian Pacific Railway
14—Reuterphoto-European, Keystone
15—U.P., I.N.P., Kemsley Picture Service
22-24—drawings by Ajay
27—N. R. Farbman, Walter Sanders, Richart Hartt-LIFE
32, 60—George Leavens-Rapho-Guillumette
34—Melbourne Herald-Sun
36, 37—Agenzie Fotografica
38, 39—Agencia Italia
40—Howard Frieaman
43—Ed Morgan
46—Richard Meek, shoes by Capezio
52—Hans Knopf-Pix
58—John G. Zimmerman
67—Allan Gould-TIME
69—U.P., Art Shay

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