March 17, 1958
March 17, 1958

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March 17, 1958

Snow Patrol
Coming Events
Maple Leaf
Wonderful World Of Sport
  • The mutability of woman, long a topic for idle poets and recumbent philosophers, nowadays is the pursuit of photographers who hurry or wait to capture her infinite roles and fancies

America's Cup
Sal Maglie
Conversation Piece
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


12 Silky Wows Them All
The modern Pegasus adds the Santa Anita Derby to his other legendary races. By Whitney Tower

This is an article from the March 17, 1958 issue

14 Maple Leaf Forever!
Canada wins back its world hockey title from the U.S.S.R. in a rough-and-tumble tournament at Oslo

16 Spectacle: Battle of the Blues
It will be Michigan vs. Yale for the collegiate swimming championship

25 Saga of the Mustard Sandwich
The first Negro All-America basketball choice reaches some conclusions about his race and the game

26 Infinite Roles of Woman
Photographs from all over throw light on a subject that has long been a topic for poets and philosophers

28 The America's Cup Race Is On
Six months from the big day, American designers are working at top speed to ready their yachts

33 Big League Secrets: Part 1
Veteran Pitcher Sal Maglie discusses the fine art of pitching in the major leagues

62 Lunar Golf Course
Photographed in color, a Florida golf hole is so cratered with sand traps it is moonlike

66 Say Hello to Jimmy Jones
Gerald Holland walks and talks with the engaging—and newly respected—trainer of Calumet Farm

The departments

6 Scoreboard
8 Snow Patrol
10 Coming Events
21 Events & Discoveries
26 Wonderful World of Sport
46 Baseball
51 Boxing
56 Charles Goren
58 Bonnie Prudden
65 Tip from the Top
77 19th Hole
80 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 8

Cover: Sal Maglie

One of the most dramatic sights in baseball is Sal Maglie on the mound staring ominously into home plate. This week he talks about pitching in Part 1 of Big League Secrets (see pages 33 to 45).

Drawings by Anthony Ravielli


Next week

•Carmen Basilio (above left) fought hard to take the middleweight title from Sugar Ray Robinson. Now he must fight him harder to keep it.

•Bill Atkinson, whose prize-winning golf fashions were the hit of last season, unveils the new Fairways collection, which was developed with the aid of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

•A great baseball roundup: How San Francisco and Los Angeles will take to the big leagues, color drawings of the parks, spring camp evaluations of Dodgers and Giants, a closeup of Walter O'Malley.