Nona Cotton Quarles

March 24, 1958
March 24, 1958

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March 24, 1958

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Nona Cotton Quarles

To Nona Quarles, being up in the air is a most desirable condition. And her enthusiasm is shared by Graf Zeppelin von Quarles, her dachshund, more informally known as Zeppie. Mrs. Quarles, wife of Deputy Defense Secretary Donald A. Quarles (former Secretary of the Air Force), was recently sworn in as a 2nd lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol at Boiling Field, Washington, D.C. As a duty pilot with the Anacostia Squadron she is checked out in an L-5 Convair, an L-4 Piper and an L-16 Aeronca and is prepared to take part in air searches and rescues, blood airlifts and disaster assistance.

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Mrs. Quarles, born Nona Cotton in New Orleans, has been active in sports all her life. At 12 she could swim three miles and do a swan dive from the high board, and she was driving a car when she was 13. Golf is her game now when she is not flying. After soloing for the first time last year she said: "Next to getting married or giving birth to a child, it was the greatest feeling in the world!"