May 26, 1958
May 26, 1958

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May 26, 1958

Coming Events
  • James Van Alen, president of the National Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame at Newport and chairman of the time-honored Newport Invitation Tournament, here takes the witness stand and presents his radical ideas on streamlining tennis. Mr. Van Alen's career as a player dates back to his college days at Cambridge, England, where he captained the Oxford-Cambridge team which defeated the combined Yale-Harvard squad of 1924. Even today, at 55, he wields an aggressive and enthusiastic racket

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Motor Sports
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
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16 Blast-off—andFlame-out
Tim Tam rolls on to a Preakness victory while Silky Sullivan becomes just aflashy failure

This is an article from the May 26, 1958 issue

18 Man with aMillion Fans
Herb Score, photographed in color by John G. Zimmerman, shows again his giftedpitching form

29 Sailing WidowsTake Direct Action
Tired of sitting on the clubhouse porch, wives of Seattle Corinthians join agrowing revolt

36 A Fit Week fora Second Look
A special survey on the eve of National Youth Fitness Week finds some hope, butdanger too

54 Suggestion:Down with Love
James Van Alen, president of the Tennis Hall of Fame, has some radical ideas onchanging the game

56 Sporting Lookfor the America's Cup
Designer Sydney Wragge has created a bright new feminine line for the year'smost elegant event

69 Part I:Hoosier Pied Piper
Robert Shaplen introduces Tony Hulman, sportsman boss of Indianapolis Speedway.First of two parts


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30 Wonderful World
48 Baseball
51 Tip from the Top
52 Charles Goren
53 Boxing
54 Tennis
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60 Motor Sports
81 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

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Cover: PatO'Connor

•Swift inqualifying trials and one of the prerace favorites, handsome Pat O'Connor looksahead to the Indianapolis "500." For a preview from trackside, see page60.

Photograph by HyPeskin

Next week

•A study of Ed Mathews, five years ago the matineeidol on Milwaukee's brand-new Braves, today retiring and less publicized but atleast as valuable a ballplayer.

•Half the fun of getting there by sea is in theexpanding world of shipboard sports. Jerry Cooke photographs in color the manydiversions travelers will find this year.

•Carleton Mitchell sails on Sceptre and cables fromEngland the first detailed report from the deck of Britain's new America's Cupchallenger on how well she performs at sea.