New clothes for an elegant race's revival

May 26, 1958
May 26, 1958

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May 26, 1958

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  • James Van Alen, president of the National Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame at Newport and chairman of the time-honored Newport Invitation Tournament, here takes the witness stand and presents his radical ideas on streamlining tennis. Mr. Van Alen's career as a player dates back to his college days at Cambridge, England, where he captained the Oxford-Cambridge team which defeated the combined Yale-Harvard squad of 1924. Even today, at 55, he wields an aggressive and enthusiastic racket

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New clothes for an elegant race's revival

Newport's great traditions keynote summer clothes by the 1957 winner of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S American Sportswear Design Award

By Jo Ahern Zill

The America's cup, the year's most elegant sporting event, is the direct inspiration for Sydney Wragge's collection of summer clothes shown on these pages. Wragge, easily the most enthusiastic yachtsman on Seventh Avenue and last year's winner of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's American Sportswear Design Award for continuously contributing to the Sporting Look, has designed clothes for events as splendid as those in the days when social life flourished on such yachts as T.O.M. Sopwith's 1,600-ton Philante and Vincent Astor's Nourmahal. Yachts no longer come like that, but they more than make up for it in numbers. Both afloat and at such places as Bailey's Beach, Newport's "cottages" and many more-modern homes a glittering round of parties will accompany the three trials—July 12 to 19, August 16 to 23 and September 1 to 13—and the races themselves, which start September 20. With four out of seven races, each on a separate day, deciding the winner, the cup event is a marathon for spectators probably unequaled in social display anywhere else this year. And it is for the women who will run this "race" of summertime activities that Designer Wragge has created his America's Cup collection.

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Guests for drinks aboard Bobalong surround Hostess Mrs. Robert Long. From left they are: Judy DeFoe in orange-peel linen coat dress ($60); Mrs. Long; Richard H. Bertram, who will crew on Vim; Diji Ladd in lemon silk linen ($60); and Carleton Mitchell, navigator of Weatherly. Diamond jewelry is from Van Cleef & Arpels. Opposite: Diji wears a burgee-printed silk dress, with a blousing top that billows spinnakerlike ($65). America's Cup clothes at Bonwit Teller, John Wanamaker, Kaufman's, J. L. Hudson, Neiman-Marcus and I. Magnin.

Pastel tones borrowed from watercolors of Newport's heyday are in Diji's sharkskin middy ($19) and linen dress ($40). Pappagallo shoes.

Middy top of pale-blue-and-white-striped cotton ($23) and white sharkskin slacks ($19) are worn by Betty Johnson for festivities aboard.

Burgee-printed silk overblouse ($30), wool jersey slacks ($23) are modeled by Pia Rossilli, watching sail-washing at Ratsey & Lapthorn.

Commodore's jacket of doeskin flannel ($90) tops Pia's pleated, fitted dress of white Arnel sharkskin ($50).