The Best of Times

July 14, 1958
July 14, 1958

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July 14, 1958

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  • Heat and politics may scorch their lovely capital, but Parisians have an escape right in the heart of town—the Deligny swimming pool

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The Best of Times

Sporting events, once timed broadly in seconds, are now measured with such exactness that knowing the time down to a tenth of a second has become almost as important as knowing the score. To meet the very special requirements of timing sports, the precision-minded watchmakers of Switzerland have developed a variety of devices, some shown here, that will time anything that moves, be it the moon in the sky, a car on the salt flats or a race horse's sudden spurt.

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Horse Timer ($111, C. L. Guinand) has two sweep hands, enabling the trainer to time spurts as well as horse's over-all run.

Fisherman's Chronograph (Cervine) gives day, date, month and phases of the moon, which indicate tides for fishermen.

Olympic Stop Watch ($250, Omega) indicates tenths of seconds, has 21 jewels.

Yachting Timer ($50, Gallet) indicates five minutes in reverse to show the time elapsed between the gun and start of race.

Master Mariner ($185, LeCoultre) is waterproof, automatic and antimagnetic watch built to withstand heavy exposure.

Ring Master ($75, Heuer) is a 1/5-second stop watch with seven changeable dial rings, each calibrated to time different sports. One on watch here would time 45 minutes of soccer half. Other rings time boxing, crew strokes, respiration control, and one plain ring is for any special use owner desires.

Golfer's Watch ($45, Lucien Picard) stays out of harm's way by slipping onto golfer's belt, flips open to show the time.

Stop Watch ($51, Gallet) records 1/10 second intervals. The large second hand sweeps twice around dial each minute.

Steel Chronograph ($175, Breitling) has 1/5-second sweep hand, a rotating ring to show hour in other time zones.

Illuminated Dial ($75, Ernest Borel), using tiny battery-stored bulb, lights up at nighttime when a button is pressed.

Sports Car Timer ($53, Galco) can be attached to dash, is cushioned in rubber, records seconds, minutes, 12 hours.

Golf Clocker (Leonidas) doesn't keep time but records the hole-by-hole score and the over-all total for 18 holes of golf.

Tachometer ($125, Gallet) measures time and speed, has a telemeter to measure the distance of a sound from observer.

GMT-Master ($240, Rolex) has revolving rim for setting time in other zones, shows date, is shock- and waterproof.