A blind to open eyes

Sept. 08, 1958
Sept. 08, 1958

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Sept. 8, 1958

Table of Contents
  • X-RAY 8

    The two pennants have been decided, but the battle for individual glory continues

  • Their big sails bellying and sleek hulls gleaming, America's 12-meter yachts are in the final stretch for a great cup and destiny

Wonderful World Of Sport
  • A band of contemporary pioneers sets out to demonstrate that progress should sometimes come second to conservation

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

A blind to open eyes

New portable camouflage fills an old need for duck hunters

Waterfowlers frustrated in the past by dependence on stationary blinds, this year can look forward to an easy and ingenious out—camouflage that moves. Porta Co. of Canton, Mass. is marketing a collapsible Packet Blind ($54.50), small enough to carry in a car trunk but roomy enough for ample shooting freedom. Used with Porta's canvas duck boat ($98.50), the blind can also be paddled to wherever the birds are flocking.

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Packet blind can be assembled in minutes, is made of natural raffia tied to net. Net in turn is fitted to aluminum frame.

Blind in use with canvas duck boat affords hunter good camouflage, ease of movement and maximum shooting room.