Nov. 03, 1958
Nov. 03, 1958

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Nov. 3, 1958

Professional Basketball
Mr. Deadly
Triumph Of Class
  • In another of his series on Asia's lively games, traveling artist John Groth records exotic sports of Thailand, the subcontinent of India and Afghanistan

On Field And Campus
Horse Show
Pro Football
  • By Kenneth Rudeen

    Thriving foreign automakers are busting buttons at London's big show this week—and eying the U.S. as eagerly as ever. Sports Illustrated here presents its own showing of new foreign cars

Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


14 Triumph of Class over Mud
Neither rain nor mud stopped First Landing as he joined the ranks of truly fine champions

This is an article from the Nov. 3, 1958 issue

18 Spectacle: The Lively Games of Asia
Traveling Artist John Groth records the sports of Thailand, from basketball to donkey lash

27 Your TV Football Ration
The college football fathers aren't trying to make you happy, and here's why

28 World Chess Greats Cogitate
A word-and-picture report from the 24-day chess Olympics just ended in Munich

33 They Run the T
This has been a year of exceptional quarterbacks. Here are seven of the best

42 Pop Ivy's Card Tricks
The big new news in pro football is a baffling offense sometimes called the triple-wing T

47 How to Roast a Deer
It can be done, but for practical purposes here's a recipe for a great venison stew

48 In Clover Over There
A picture gallery of new foreign cars, including the hits of London's Earls Court show

60 Springers Are Special
A fond appreciation of that all-round companion, the English springer spaniel, by Ed Zern

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6 Football's 6th Week
10 Scoreboard
13 Coming Events
23 Events & Discoveries
28 Wonderful World
33 On Field and Campus
36 Horse Show
42 Pro Football
46 Food
48 Automobiles
54 Charles Goren
56 Tip from the Top
57 Steeplechasing
59 Sporting Look
73 19th Hole
76 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Hugh Wiley

The most dashing rider of the U.S. Equestrian Team, Hugh Wiley, is back to defend his title at the National Horse Show. For more pictures of this colorful event and Hugh Wiley in action, see page 36.

Photograph © by Philippe Halsman


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The torture of success
His struggle to stay amateur
The man who makes him run

•From Lihue to Kona, photography in color by Toni Frissell plus a report by Coles Phinizy on the graceful Hawaiian Islands—as varied in sport as they are in scenery.

•What it's like to be a horse-player in Moscow, described by Ireland's Lord Kilbracken, with photographs of the Russian racing scene by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's Jerry Cooke.