Games through December

Nov. 03, 1958
Nov. 03, 1958

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Nov. 3, 1958

Professional Basketball
Mr. Deadly
Triumph Of Class
  • In another of his series on Asia's lively games, traveling artist John Groth records exotic sports of Thailand, the subcontinent of India and Afghanistan

On Field And Campus
Horse Show
Pro Football
  • By Kenneth Rudeen

    Thriving foreign automakers are busting buttons at London's big show this week—and eying the U.S. as eagerly as ever. Sports Illustrated here presents its own showing of new foreign cars

Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

Games through December


This is an article from the Nov. 3, 1958 issue

1 Det at Bos
Phil at NY
Cin at Syr
Min at StL

2 Det at Phil
StL at Cin*

5 Bos at Syr
NY at Cin

6 Phil at Minn

7 NY at Det

8 Syr at Phil
Bos at StL
NY at Minn

9 Minn at Syr
Phil at Cin
Bos at Det*

11 Minn at Bos

12 Syr at Cin

13 Minn vs. Det at NY
StL at NY

14 Phil at StL
Syr at Det

15 Cin at Bos
Minn at Phil
NY at Syr
Det at StL

16 Minn at NY*

18 Bos vs. Det at StL
Syr at StL

19 Bos at Cin

20 Syr at Minn

21 Bos vs. NY at Phil
Cin at Phil

22 Phil at Bos
Syr at NY
Cin at Det
Minn at StL

23 StL at Cin*
Syr at Phil
Det at Minn

24 Bos vs. Minn at Charlotte

25 Phil vs. StL at NY
Cin at NY
Minn at Det

26 NY at Bos
StL at Syr
Det at Cin

27 Syr at StL
Bos at Phil

28 Syr at Det
Cin at Minn

29 Det at Bos
Phil at NY
Minn at Syr
Cin at StL

30 Minn at Cin
NY at Phil*


2 Cin vs. StL at NY
Bos at NY
Phil at Det

3 StL at Bos
NY at Cin

4 Syr vs. Bos at Phil
StL at Phil

5 NY at Det

6 Syr at Bos
Det at NY
Minn vs. Cin at StL
Phil at StL

7 Bos at Syr
Phil at Cin*

9 Phil vs. Syr at NY
Minn at NY

10 StL vs. Det at Bos
Phil at Bos
Syr at Cin

11 Det vs. StL at Phil
Bos at Phil
Syr at Minn

12 StL at NY
Phil at Det
Cin at Bos

13 Phil at Syr
NY at StL

14 Syr at Det*
NY at Minn

16 Cin at NY
Bos vs. Syr at NY

17 NY vs. StL at Det
Bos at Det

18 Bos at Cin
Det at Minn

20 NY at Bos
Cin at Syr
StL at Det
Phil at Minn

21 Syr at NY*
Minn at Cin
Phil at StL

25 Minn vs. Det at NY
Bos at NY
StL at Cin

26 NY vs. Phil at Hershey
Bos vs. Minn at Det
Cin at Det

27 StL at Phil
NY at Syr
Bos at Minn

28 Minn at Cin

29 Syr at Bos
Phil vs. Minn at StL
Cin at StL

30 Det at NY
Minn vs. Syr at Phil
Bos at Phil
StL at Cin

*Denotes NBC TV