Nov. 24, 1958
Nov. 24, 1958

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Nov. 24, 1958

Wood Sounds
International Confusion
Wonderful World Of Sport
On Field And Campus
Scouting Reports
  • ARMY 40

    The Cadets have been the standout team in the East all fall, and only a tie with Pitt slightly mars their record. Their backfield is tremendously fast but no more dangerous than their passing

  • NAVY 41

    The Midshipmen are not as big and tough as Army, but Coach Eddie Erdelatz' team boasts one of the nation's best passing attacks. Navy has lost only twice despite many serious injuries

Pro Football
Horse Show
Motor Sports
Sporting Look
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


18 International Confusion
It was wild and rough at the Laurel Race Course, but the International was a race to be remembered

This is an article from the Nov. 24, 1958 issue

30 Baseball's Coattails on Fire
The National League turned its back on New York—and now you can smell the smoke

35 Best of the Toughest
The Hawkeyes of Iowa, while losing a thriller to Ohio State, look like true Big Ten champions

38 Annual Appointment
Army's new, fancy offense meets Navy's old, fancy offense, and Navy depth may be the difference

48 Crab Legs, San Francisco Style
The succulent specialties of the Golden Gate can be made with frozen crab from Alaska

50 German Cliffhanger
The exciting riders of West Germany came from behind to win at the National Horse Show

52 Old Tiger on Top
At 42, Illinois' fiercest soybean farmer, Tony Bettenhausen, is the national champion driver

58 Sporting Look: Winter Preview
In a 15-page portfolio, a complete fashion guide to what's right for sand or snow

78 The Great Numbers Nonsense
A veteran sportswriter finds that his craft is being stifled by a welter of statistics

The departments

6 Coming Events
13 Football's 9th Week
16 Scoreboard
22 Wonderful World
26 Events & Discoveries
35 On Field and Campus
42 Pro Football
48 Food
50 Horse Show
52 Motor Sports
55 Charles Goren
56 Tip from the Top
77 Bonnie Prudden
89 19th Hole
92 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Army backfield

This is the way more than 600 pounds of Army muscle and determination will look while traveling at some 25 mph or more into the Navy line. For a PREVIEW of football's great annual classic, see page 38.

Photograph by Hy Peskin


Next week

•A season's PREVIEW for the skier, with a magnificent color spectacle and an article on Sun Valley, and a presentation of the newest and best in ski clothes and equipment.

•The biggest international golf competition of all, the Canada Cup, will be fought in Mexico City this week. On the spot to tell the four-day story will be Gwilym Brown.

•Dr. Vannevar Bush, leader of scientists, reveals a new and witty side in his dissertation on sports. Plus a revealing gallery of sporting men of science away from the lab.