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Nov. 24, 1958
Nov. 24, 1958

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Nov. 24, 1958

Wood Sounds
International Confusion
Wonderful World Of Sport
On Field And Campus
Scouting Reports
  • ARMY 40

    The Cadets have been the standout team in the East all fall, and only a tie with Pitt slightly mars their record. Their backfield is tremendously fast but no more dangerous than their passing

  • NAVY 41

    The Midshipmen are not as big and tough as Army, but Coach Eddie Erdelatz' team boasts one of the nation's best passing attacks. Navy has lost only twice despite many serious injuries

Pro Football
Horse Show
Motor Sports
Sporting Look
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

faces in the crowd...

Nanita Greene, 21-year-old University of Miami senior from Rockwood, Tenn., captivated judges with a fetching smile and 36-23-36½ statistics, was chosen queen of the 1959 Orange Bowl.

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George Bayer, whose last big win was Canadian Open in 1957, faced Sam Snead in playoff, won $45,000 Havana International golf tournament after both shot 286 in regular play.

Jim Shoulders, who has twice won all-round cowboy title on rodeo circuit, did so again this year after accumulating more than 30,000 points-each worth $1—during official season.

Bob Turley, New York Yankee righthander, edging Braves' Warren Spahn by one vote, was picked winner of Cy Young Memorial award as the major leagues' outstanding 1958 pitcher.

Ferry Porsche, son of German designer Ferdinand Porsche, appeared in New York with Heinz Nordhoff of Volkswagenwerke, to accept award to Porsche's late father from American engineers.

Bump Elliott, Michigan All-America in 1947 and the school's backfield coach for two seasons, has been named head coach, to succeed Bennie Oosterbaan who quit after 10 years on job.

Harry Pezzullo, 47, of Northbrook, Ill., a golf professional since 1933 and a PGA vice-president, was named outstanding teaching pro of 1958 at annual PGA banquet, Clearwater, Fla.