Dec. 22, 1958
Dec. 22, 1958

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Dec. 22, 1958

49 Yards
Puerto Rico Golf
  • Red Grange makes his predictions and analyses of the annual football classics, and the football staff and correspondents present their scouting reports on the contestants. On the right are the TV data for each game. Save them and the scouting reports for use during the games

  • Two offense-minded teams meet in finale of the lopsided series between the winners of the Big Ten and Pacific Coast Conferences

  • A small young Air Force team meets a large young Texas Christian team, and the odds, as usual, favor the side with the bigger guns

  • Big, fast LSU faces big, not-so-fast Clemson and the race, despite the parable of the tortoise and the hare, should go to the swift

  • Two plodding teams with little guile and much power will try to run over and through one another. A surprise pass might win it

  • Florida, a team which defends magnificently, meets a Mississippi team which does everything pretty well but may not score enough this time

Napier Plan
Silver All-America
Family Skiing
James Michael Curley
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


The News of the Week

This is an article from the Dec. 22, 1958 issue

10 NEW YORK: Giants force the Browns to a playoff

14 PUERTO RICO: A Rockefeller opens a new golf resort

20 LONDON: A murky tale of doped racing dogs

22 MONTREAL: Archie Moore, toujours le champion!

30 Inside the Bowls
Scouting reports, Red Grange's predictions

36 Champions in Party Dresses
Color photographs of six lovely sportswomen

43 Part I: Figure Skating
Lessons by Robert Riger and Maribel Vinson

52 Year-end Bridge Quiz
Charles Goren presents 18 holiday problems

62 The Napier Plan for Baseball
A revealing Inside Story by Gerald Holland

76 The Tiger and the Fly
For children, parents and statesmen of all ages

81 The Silver Anniversary All-America
Sports Illustrated's annual career awards

98 Friendly Blizzard
Family skiers come out: where they go and why

104 The Man Who Wouldn't
A modern parable by Satirist Jules Feiffer

110 A Gentle Hurrah for Mayor Curley
A fond reminiscence by Herbert Warren Wind

The departments

5 Basketball
6 Scoreboard
25 Events & Discoveries
60 Food
115 19th Hole
116 Pat on the Back

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Our next issue salutes the outstanding people in sport for 1958 and especially praises the Sportsman of the Year, whose performance as athlete and man was "the revelation of pure excellence."