Jan. 05, 1959
Jan. 05, 1959

Table of Contents
Jan. 5, 1959

Greatest Game
Events & Discoveries
Rafer Johnson
Motor Sports
Offbeat Haven
Sporting Look
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


6—Mike Gerson
7—F.J. Higgins, A.P., Max P. Haas, U.P.I. (2)
13—Frank Scherschel-LIFE, South Bend Tribune, Mike Shea-TIME, A.P.
16-18—drawings by Ajay
19—Richard Meek
24, 25—Howard Sochurek-LIFE
30-32—drawings by Daniel Schwartz
30—Hy Peskin, George Leavens from Rapho-Guillumette, U.P.I., John G. Zimmerman
31—Lawrence Schiller, Art Rogers-Los Angeles Times, Richard Meek, John G. Zimmerman
32—Comet-Gilloon, Phil Bath, Hanson T. Carroll
33—A.P., Herb Scharfman, Olympic Committee, Leonard McCombe-LIFE, Richard Meek (2), U.P.I., Stuard M. Langer
34, 35—Lonnie Wilson
36—Margaret Durrance, drawings by Burt Silverman
40—Neil Clemans-Los Angeles Mirror
41—John G. Zimmerman
42-48—Horace Sutton
60—Hy Peskin

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