New Faces of 1959

Jan. 12, 1959
Jan. 12, 1959

Table of Contents
Jan. 12, 1959

Table of Contents
Davis Cup
  • By William F. Talbert

    That was the verdict on Alex (The Chief) Olmedo, the happy young Peruvian shown on the opposite page, after his brilliant tennis recaptured the Davis Cup for the U.S.

Wonderful World Of Sport
Andy Bathgate
On Field And Campus
Tip From The Top
Sporting Look
  • By Jo Ahern Zill

    Polly Hornburg has so successfully crystallized an idyllic way of life in her designs that now she is known far beyond her native Bermuda

Irish Hunt
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

New Faces of 1959

In the ever-changing world of junior skiers there is nothing quite so risky as trying to predict who are likely to be the great stars of the future. But from the bright young faces on this page there might well come one national champion. Some others will win regional laurels, and all, barring serious accident, should win important junior races during the present campaign. They come from all over the northern Midwest, which is making up for its lack of natural terrain with the best organized junior ski competition in the country. Most of the juniors, who range in age from 15 to 17, are products of avid ski families and of well-coached high school teams. A few of them have had the added advantage of growing up under the looming shadow of a rare ski mountain. All of them ski for the fun of it, and they win because they are some of the best young skiers the U.S. has produced.

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Chad Williams, 16, Cadillac, Mich., is considered top junior prospect in state.

Mary Anne Ferries, 17, Houghton, Mich., was fourth in junior national combined.

Richard Joynes, 15, Grand Marais, Minn., took seventh in CUSSA Class II combined.

Thomas M. Smith, 17, Duluth, Minn., won third place in national nordic combined.

Stuart Ostrander, 17, Wausau, Wis., dominated last year's CUSSA downhill.

James Zacks, 17, Iron Mountain, Mich., was second in CUSSA slalom, combined.