Feb. 02, 1959
Feb. 02, 1959

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Feb. 2, 1959

Quiet Morn
Jet-Age Secret
  • By H.W.W.

    California has given the 1959 pro golfing tour a palpitating send-off. And a Californian is the circuit's most talked-about personality

Track Power
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


The schedule of the leading tournaments through April


This is an article from the Feb. 2, 1959 issue

2 Delaware State Singles, Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, Del.
2-13 Metropolitan S.R.A. Singles, University Club, New York.
6-16 Massachusetts State Singles, Union Boat Club, Boston.
7-8 Atlantic Coast Singles, Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, N.J.
7-14 Rochester City Singles, Rochester.
9-15 Pennsylvania State Singles, Merion Cricket Club, Philadelphia.
14 Maryland State Singles, University Club, Baltimore.
14-15 Charles J. Hardy Singles, Apawamis Club, Rye, N.Y.
14-15 Connor Cup, Hartford Golf Club, Hartford, Conn.
16 Delaware State Doubles, Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington.
21-23 National Singles, Veterans and Team, Harvard Club, Boston.
24- Metropolitan S.R.A. Doubles, Mar. 6 Racquet & Tennis Club, Union Club, New York.
27- Maury Nee Singles, University Mar. 1 Club, Washington, D.C.
27- Massachusetts State Doubles, Mar. 9 Harvard Club, Boston.


2-7 Buffalo S.R.A. Doubles, Tennis & Squash Club, Buffalo.
2-8 Pennsylvania State Doubles, Cynwyd Club, Philadelphia.
4 Maryland State Doubles, University Club, Baltimore.
6-8 National Intercollegiate Singles, Princeton University, Princeton.
7-8 Lapham Cup Singles, Granite Club, Badminton & Racquet Club, Toronto, Canada.
7-8 Invitation Open Doubles, Heights Casino, Brooklyn.
14-15 Invitational Doubles, University Club, Baltimore.
14-15 Pittsburgh City Doubles, Pittsburgh Golf Club, Pittsburgh.
15-30 District of Columbia Singles, Pentagon Officers Club, Washington.
20-28 Pennsylvania State Mixed Doubles, Philadelphia Cricket Club.
21 Rhode Island State Singles, Agawam Hunt Club, Providence.
21-22 National Doubles, Tennis & Squash Club, Buffalo.
30- Invitation Mixed Doubles, Apr. 6 Germantown Cricket Club, Philadelphia.