March 09, 1959
March 09, 1959

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March 9, 1959

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'I feed very mranch at home'

Two years ago Charley Batterman, swimming coach at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was confronted with a coach's nightmare: one of the country's outstanding young swimmers, and an honor student in mathematics, turned out for the team—with no eligibility. The candidate was Betsy Schumacker, and MIT is by and large a man's world. Betsy, owner of a couple of regional records and an Olympic hopeful, has had to give up the idea of varsity competition, but today holds down a unique position as the only girl diving judge in men's intercollegiate swimming.

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Betsy, one of three swimming daughters of a Philadelphia corporation lawyer, keeps in training by early-morning workouts and by competing against the boys in practice. "I feel very much at home here," says Betsy. "The important thing is I'm getting the math training to teach and the swimming training to coach."