March 23, 1959
March 23, 1959

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March 23, 1959

Wonderful World Of Sport
  • While ballplayers got ready down South last week, management got ready up North: O'Malley soothed Snider, Veeck attempted to soothe Comiskey, a new stadium sprouted, the Braves opened the windows to a deluge of fans with spring fever

  • In arguments that rocked Brown University, that was one of the questions raised by an English teacher—he had 'a horrible week'

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


12 Need Now: One Pitcher
Roy Terrell examines the San Francisco Giants in another searching report from training camp

This is an article from the March 23, 1959 issue

14 World Hockey Never Had It So Big
A report from Czechoslovakia by Milt Dunnell on Canada's victory and Czech enthusiasm

18 Can Football Sub for Motherhood?
A Brown University English teacher raised that question and had "a horrible week"

28 If Norris Wants To Talk
Sick Man of Boxing sounds off—but it's a New York grand jury that wants to hear him

30 Long Career of Short Base Hits
Richie Ashburn is proof that singles hitters can drive Cadillacs, too. By Walter Bingham

40 Coyotes in the East
Invaders, and uninvited at that, the wily night howlers present a new challenge to hunters

45 Tournament of Upsets
The NCAA basketball championships have featured happy hunting for underdogs thus far

50 Russia's Aspiring St. Moritz
Horace Sutton reports on Alma-Ata and its great skating rink deep in the snows of Kazakhstan

60 Aly Khan, Sporting Prince
Beginning the life, loves and good times of the fabulous sportsman by Joe David Brown

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Cover: Aly Khan

Looking out from this week's cover is one of the most dedicated men in the diversified world of sport. For the beginning of a perceptive two-part portrait of him see page 60.

Photograph by Jerry Cooke


Next week

•Tommy Armour, golf's great teaching and playing pro and its bestselling writer, explains in the first of four lessons how to play a golf course instead of letting it play you.

•From Sebring, Florida, Ken Rudeen sends a firsthand report of the premier U.S. sports car race—the 12-hour Grand Prix of Endurance.

•Intercollegiate boxing has all but died. Some think this is good, others say that it's a shame. Martin Kane explores the entire situation and offers the arguments pro and con.